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    Plasterboard adhesive on old brick wall

    Stripped a wall back to brick and I would like to plasterboard it due to new water pipes running down it and plenty of new electrical cables. One plasterer came round and said it’s best to scratch coat with sand and cement then board and another said to sbr the wall to seal in the dust then...
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    What internal plaster for solid brick walls

    Hi guys, I’m renovating a solid brick property built by my great great grandfather, I’ve had the external walls rendered in lime, and I did plan on doing the internal walls in lime but I’m getting cold feet. Basically I’m very worried about the possible finish I can get from the lime. I like...
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    Bauwer Light and finish opinions?

    ok pro’s what’s your opinions on this product? I’m renovating my solid brick property at the moment and have lime rendered outside, I was looking at lime inside but I’ve come accross this product. Has anyone used it? I hoping someone without lime experience has used it and can give me a...
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    Questions about lime

    I have been researching lime for a while but I’m finding it hard to get the answers to a couple of questions. I’ve had the external of my solid brick house done in lime and I’m getting close to the stage to do the inside. I would like the lime to be as flat, straight and square as possible...
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    South Wales render job near Cardiff

    hi guys I've be directed here from the ultimate forum I'm having a nightmare finding a plaster to render my house, I've had 2 quotes, first plasterer who does a type of silicone render, but his communication is shocking and I've had enough now. and another traditional render...