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  1. Chris W

    Smallish rendering job in Blackpool needs doing anyone up for it?

    All right lads look out for a bloke called Daniel Clark needs one side of house doing sent him here mate of a mate etc too far for me cheers lads I don't expect he got any clue look after him ta
  2. Chris W

    Cant decide whether to brick or not?

    Near enough every bathroom ive done in past few years ive either 50/50 bricked or part bricked (cos of the bow in the tiles) Cuatomers got these from wickes... They got a bow but they a quality tile, nice and square.. No borders, just floor to cieling in a wet room.. Whats people's opinions...
  3. Chris W


  4. Chris W

    weight of tiles on dricoat

    opted to dricoat a bathroom as opposed to dabbin mr boards to be on safe side for tile weights etc but the customers come back with bleedin tumbled marble @ around 11mm thick... skimmed the wall too... only goin halfway, but anyone actually know wot sort of weight dricoat will hold? i just sort...
  5. Chris W

    alternatorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ffs

    lookin like the alternators dead... no warning light on though???? bulbs fine... 10 volts at warning light cable, just over 11 at power terminal to battery... so no output... except the light aint on? thinkin on... it doesnt come on when i turn the key either... alternators makin a noise like...
  6. Chris W

    bored.. me im bored... nothing for over a week... im gonna get binned of uhm soon i can see it... :RpS_laugh: can we have a grumpy corner section danny? just for luscius and rock and co? and me? and spunk? f'ck it, all of us?
  7. Chris W

    sm700px1/42a basecoat

    would all you lads that use products whose names have absolutely no reference to what the F@CK it is mind awfully inventing a generic term that covers all products from different companies that do exactly the same job as the next companies product for the benefit of us c'nts that dont use it so...
  8. Chris W

    rss feeds...

    danny, you know when maybe your just sat there, forums on one tab, sommat else on another etc... well i usually set it to 'new posts', but you wanna check if a new post has been made then you gotta click open the tab and click the new posts button everytime.. i even got my link to the site set...
  9. Chris W

    errrr... wot?

    Loading... Plumming Courses200 Trainees C & G, Bpec, Part P Qualified in the last 12 months
  10. Chris W

    dri coat

    just thought id mention this - you know how dricoat is supposed to be salt neutralising / repellant? well i dricoated a kitchen bout 2 - 2 1/2 weeks ago, been back fittin stuff today, not been painted, salts coming through where the old sink unit was (luckily the new ones back in same place)...
  11. Chris W

    washing machines

    bit of a long shot this but does anyone have or experienced the display reading 'test' on an ariston washing machine, and it wont do anything other than run through a dry cycle on 'test'? Cant find a manual or to be honest, even the model number draws a complete blank on google? avffx 149 -...
  12. Chris W

    mixing rende by hand on a scaffold

    anyone know the link for that vid where theres 4 polish blokes, 2 knocking up by hand a lift below two laying on above and they just chuck the muck up on the shovel? stuffed if i can find it... its on here somewhere
  13. Chris W

    lutece 2000

    alright boyos, am in france on a job and we got this lutece 2000 stuff to have a crack at but its a 1 coat projection plaster and we wanna use it as skim.... anyone had any experience with it? any tips appreciated..
  14. Chris W

    general builder type job - sheffield

    job near sheffield, walkley? uhm forum, plastering section.. Fitting a laminate floor Patching up render, front and back on a terraced house Stairs plus two small bedrooms carpeting Some plaster skimming and tiling a bath and a splashback Upvc double glazing no contact details, leave your...
  15. Chris W

    pattern imprinted concrete

    Anyone done any? Anybody know if it can be re-coloured? would it just be a case of painting something on to blank it out and take the new colours? looking at colouring by hand as opposed to shakers etc... I suppose? any ideas anyone?
  16. Chris W

    mono suppliers

    need to get hold of a price on about 25 metres of some sort of mono... front gable and top half, hack off and redo.. existing is absolutely sh'te... expecting it to be concretes underneath, prolly about 15 year old this house.. bloke just needs a through colour scrape finish in cream or...
  17. Chris W

    new? board cutter...

    got this link via email from someone that read what i'd written somewhere on the blade runner... i did wonder if i'd seen something very similar before? looks a decent bit of kit though...
  18. Chris W

    scroll test...

    has anybody else got this problem where if you type a long post without using a carriage return (pressing enter at the end of every line) then you get to fill the 'box' an it just keeps flikkin back up hence my previous long posts where i moan and then post a reply immediately?g g g g g g g...
  19. Chris W

    daventry area

    another spread (or 1+1 whatever) required 1st may onwards, council again, airy houses this time possibility of some thincoat stuff / dashing + the usuall bonding / skimming / boarding... 07903 215536
  20. Chris W

    daventry - council contract

    2 spreads rqd, asap, pref monday morning... DAVENTRY or driveable, whatever... youre better off on your own, youll struggle 2 up to make it pay.. you get a kitchen and a bathroom per property.. kitchens vary in size but there not massive hence the 2 up thing... board the ceilings bout a 3.6x3...
  21. Chris W

    subject for jimfish... seriously..

    now then jim, the old whatsitmajigger... ive just been working with an italian spread, 30 odd years in the trade, 20 of them on newbuild banging 100 metres a day on... guess what he uses, and it aint a 'hawk'?? big 22" trowel, cant buy em over here apparently... its just a carbon steel...
  22. Chris W

    posting photos..

    heres how to do it, 2 ways... theres the upload file thing at the bottom of the post... easy enough and self explanatory, just click browse and open the folder WITHIN YOURE OWN COMPOOTA where the file is and double click the file then click the upload button... sometimes it dont work though, has...
  23. Chris W

    brighton 'building' company...

    01273 617 040 ive had two calls from this company based in brighton that say they have lots of contract work, had to let the last contractor go etc etc, bout 8 jobs a month etc... sounds like maintanance work for housing associations etc.. now then, both times ive rung back to find its a large...
  24. Chris W

    err? bonding and hardwall together?

    now, ive mixed hardwall and bonding together before over masonary with no ill effects but ive got a bit of filling out to do where the board is 10mm below finish, and half the backing plaster is missing round the edge (old serving hatch blocked up by customer) so rather that knock up a bit of...
  25. Chris W

    dri coat or limelite

    which one can you use multi on? or which is best to use multi on? got a 3 storey back bedroom bloke wants it rendering and im f'cked if im setting a mixer up in the back yard and marching buckets of mixed render up the stairs.. sooner get the lads to march the bagged stuff up there and mix...
  26. Chris W

    quick carbon steel or stainless vote

    im really geiing the hump with my stainless trowel, having been broken in, kicked around, sworn at, pleaded with.. the f'cker still likes to fur up the last trowel or two wheras me old carbon steel just had a lick of the brush at the edge of the wall and that was it... carbon steel throughout...
  27. Chris W

    Transit 80 swb spares or repair good engine and box

    2.5d transit 80 swb medium roof, spares or repair. 193,000 miles good engine, starts first time every time, uses very little oil, runs and drives well. New propshaft centre bearing 300 miles ago. Running gear fine (needs front spring though), slight diff whine (they all do) The van needs the...
  28. Chris W


    never let the missus use shampoo to w'nk you off with if you run out of ky... day later all the skin starts to come off like f'ckin sunburn.... dont say i didnt warn you... has the 'private' section been removed or am i just banned?
  29. Chris W

    salt neutraliser

    searched high and low for some this morning couldnt find any anywhere.. most builders merchants looked at me gone out... checked out some places on for some last night though and came across a bit that said it was basically acetic acid with a surfactant... i took this to mean vinegar...
  30. Chris W

    Mr spoon?

    Ive just noticed mr spoon is down as a guest? means either dannys deleted him (highly unlikely) or he's quit as the mods need admin before they can delete anyone... no posts after that topic regarding wall to wall using the name trowel addict on another forum.. anyone shed any light? i never...
  31. Chris W

    Raise or drop prices?

    Interesting little thread this.. note the threads owners title and the content of his first post....
  32. Chris W

    my first flexi display :)

    seeing as the council are a bit nervous about people dying of being crushed by a flexcement sample i decided to set myself up in the garden to see what its gonna look like... if you'd never heard of this stuff before would you come and have a look? for some reason the council...
  33. Chris W


    As much as this is a forum populated by plasterers, and popular it is... there is a minority of members who SEEM to be hell bent on disrupting the good thing we have on here.. its like chatting shop with your mates down the pub to me, then some idiots troop in and start gobbing off in the...
  34. Chris W

    nappers birfday!

    have a good un mate.. go and get yerself down the pub or at least out inthe garden with a barby and some tinnies mate.. and the decks out... and the nutters round... F''k the recession! ;D
  35. Chris W

    area coverage..

    Nice! Shall we invent a secret handshake boys? ;D seriously though, it would be nice to see where everyones based and who's close by to borrow skilled labour on the big jobs and help each other out a bit.. I'm in Peterborough... anyone else? Anybody notice its the women that show the bigger...