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  1. JayJSF


    Pral M has gone off to much to scratch up! Any tricks or is it re coat
  2. JayJSF

    Looking for used SP11 or similar

    Anyone got or know of used SP11 or similar please let me know. There's one on eBay but looks battered!!
  3. JayJSF

    same or next day scrape parex mono gm

    Never used Parex, will be about 15-20 degrees c, going onto Parinter do you think same or next day scrape? Cheers!
  4. JayJSF

    HP14 curing time

    Has anyone applied TC15 to HP14 before the 14day specification on the bags??
  5. JayJSF

    Any outings in the calendar??

    Any spray days, tours, demos etc anyone know of coming up this year?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. JayJSF

    Lime Render Job best approach?

    Need to re render a property which is currently sand/cement, solid walls and has damp internally. I advised the customer that lime render would be best to let the building breath as the interior has also been tanked. I'll be honest i've never used a lime mix so was wondering what the best...
  7. JayJSF

    where to find current m2 rates?

    Not talking figures just where to find rates themselves? Does anyone use any surveyor software? or is there a good place to find current meterage rates to keep competitive when quoting for commercial jobs?
  8. JayJSF

    Should all buildings without cavity be lime plastered and rendered?

    Should all buildings with no cavity be lime plastered internally and lime rendered externally so they can breathe? Might sound like a simple question to most but i've only ever seen/been taught with gypsum products!
  9. JayJSF

    EZE 24 any good spraying for OCR?

    Returning to the UK and will be plastering again in February, had a Ritmo L briefly a few years ago but can't afford to lay that sort of money out at the moment and will be happy to mix the OCR/CPI just would be handy to spray it. Also will be looking to get into thin coat silicone finishes so...
  10. JayJSF

    British Gypsum equivalent in USA

    Just moved to USA from UK to become a firefighter but will be trying to do a bit of plastering on the side. Been a plasterer in UK for 10 years and obviously used Multi, Hardwall etc everyday. Anyone know of an equivalent product in USA? Been looking on the web but struggling to find any...