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  1. Fatarm

    Hi, new to your forum.

    Welcome to the asylum... Fasten your seat belt, things may get a bit bumpy:tanguero:
  2. Fatarm

    Roughcast rendering improvement

    A big carborundum stone,and rub it to death till its smooth:sisi:
  3. Fatarm

    Youll enjoy this one guys.. pics included

    5 hours my ass...:endesacuerdo:......5 hours just sorting the butchered boards and chunks of filler.
  4. Fatarm

    Youll enjoy this one guys.. pics included

    I think he has a wee fancy for you:oops:
  5. Fatarm

    Youll enjoy this one guys.. pics included

    Fuckinell....its a trowel you've got ,not a magic Shambles.
  6. Fatarm

    Mechanical fixing for Dab & Dot plasterboard onto a Mesh Dampproof Membrane
  7. Fatarm


  8. Fatarm

    thermalite painting

    Thank its in China...its a great wall :sisi:
  9. Fatarm

    thermalite painting

    That's a big fecking wall :frenetico:
  10. Fatarm

    Who's right about this plastering/rendering: my builder or "the one with the attitude problem" ?

    It's a wee bug that lives on forums.... A forum mite. :sisi:
  11. Fatarm

    Plastering over old paint

    Get you dishing out advice ...for free :frenetico:
  12. Fatarm

    3 to 4 days

  13. Fatarm

    beats spreading

    Fish aren't real...same as birds. Just there to spy on us :frenetico: :frenetico:
  14. Fatarm

    Guess where

    Looks like Rhoscolyn Bay ?... :sisi:
  15. Fatarm


  16. Fatarm

    Airless Spray Plaster - Bristol, Bath, Swindon

    @algeeman would knock that out in a morning...before pub o clock :sisi:
  17. Fatarm

    Plaster in the eye

    Swimming goggles.:cool:
  18. Fatarm

    New lad done a good job?

    A good rub down with a carborundum stone and a big bag of easifill...sorted (y) .. Seriously tho...its rough as f**k.
  19. Fatarm

    Update materials

    Were the delivered straight from the factory?
  20. Fatarm

    Forza Italia

  21. Fatarm

    Pamic buying materials yet?

    On the other hand my brother and sister in law are in hospital just now taken in yesterday ,they were unwell over the weekend and deteriorated quickly. Both positive tests, two of them are in hdu struggling to breath( low oxygen levels)... My niece had to drop them off at A and E,wasn't allowed...
  22. Fatarm

    Looking for a good plaster around the Skipton (North Yorkshire) area

    @John j ...... Do you know any good plasterers round that way?
  23. Fatarm

    health and saftey

  24. Fatarm

    Pizza oven rendering

    "A glug of pva" :LOL: .... Thats some spec :LOL::LOL:
  25. Fatarm

    Is it coming for domestics

    Algees on a rampage :frenetico:
  26. Fatarm

    Thanks Knauf

    Everyone loves the good Lord.......Hallelujah :laola:
  27. Fatarm

    Rendering on to cement boards..

    Recommended thin coat.
  28. Fatarm

    Rendering on to cement boards..

    Its not a knauf board?...assumed it was...oops.
  29. Fatarm

    Plasterers wanted Yorkshire!!

    @John j ...might know some decent plasterers?
  30. Fatarm

    Micro cement

    Scaffolder, martial arts,tiling,plastering ,rendering,micro,venetian, t shirt maker..... The list is endless. He was starting a tuition thing from his garage if I remember right?
  31. Fatarm

    Micro cement

    He was..let's say,a character :sisi:
  32. Fatarm

    Is it coming for domestics

    Your minted've only got a part time job for full time paying hours:burlas:.."oh that's me away to do a nightshift "......sitting on your arse all night watching movies :mad:
  33. Fatarm

    Is it coming for domestics

    Whatever the plans are,we all know its not sustainable . :endesacuerdo:
  34. Fatarm

    Is it coming for domestics

    If we've to stay home and not go to work,then she'll have to open her purse again and pay us to stay home :sisi:
  35. Fatarm

    He's coming for us. Surprise surprise :rolleyes:
  36. Fatarm

    Be paying people soon to take it !!

    I really had high hopes for it too,thought it could have been a bit of competition for Bg .... Ah well :rolleyes:
  37. Fatarm

    Micro cement

    Craig used to be on here years ago... :frenetico:
  38. Fatarm

    Is this a job well done?

    Negatives...customer has been ripped off. can charge plenty for prep work to sort it (y)
  39. Fatarm

    Rendering on to cement boards..

    For interior....
  40. Fatarm

    Need advice - is this plastering up to standard?

    What about imposter from aldi :sisi:
  41. Fatarm

    Replace plaster on a small patch of brickwork

    Did we not do this a couple of weeks ago? Damp problem?
  42. Fatarm

    Need advice - is this plastering up to standard?

    Ffs....I've not even had a chance to go back and sand it down yet:mad:..... People on here are so quick to judge:tonto: