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  1. devneydutch


    This is a job down my road. No beads, No coppings total mess. This was a quick photo the rest looks worse. They probably got decent money for it too. Joke
  2. devneydutch

    Trim tex beads

    I’m currently getting all my beads from Belmore tools. Does anyone else use trim tex beads and where do they get them from?
  3. devneydutch

    Need a spray plaster machine to hire ASAP

    Looking too hire a spray plaster machine in the south west? Can’t get 1 till next Tuesday
  4. devneydutch

    Adjustable depth beads

    Anyone came across a bead that can be fixed to blockwork and the depth adjusted? Got some curved walls to do onto block work and I swear I read something on here about them. Thanks
  5. devneydutch

    Best deal on Graco mark v?

    Anybody seen these going at a decent price?
  6. devneydutch

    Damp plasterboard

    Anyone using damp plasterboard at the moment? On a wet site and the boards damp. Does anybody think mould might be a problem as the job progresses? Or am I worrying about nothing
  7. devneydutch

    Graco APX 5200

    Getting a new gun for this airless plaster machine. Has anyone bought one or similar? £520 +vat thought it was a little steep
  8. devneydutch

    Getting the apprentice tools

    Just bought the apprentice a new trowel but been in this situation before and just when you think you have a dedicated one they f**k off elsewhere. Anyone do the same for there’s?
  9. devneydutch

    Bubble on joints of boards. Airless plaster

    Has anyone came across this before? Looks like there has been a leak in the ceiling and it’s gone between the boards. Defo been no leaks though. It’s been sprayed with airless jub 3 coats, then sanded and sprayed with base coat paint. This only showed up really on the next spray paint coat...
  10. devneydutch

    Mega mixer

    Does anyone know the code for the larger mega mixer? Looking online but can’t tell which is the bigger one. Thanks
  11. devneydutch

    Type of sander this is?

    Anyone know what type of mirka sander this is? Thanks gallery
  12. devneydutch

    Airless Plaster Sanding

    Wondering what size and type of sanders/extractors people are using? Using company festool but looking at buying my own.
  13. devneydutch

    Airless plaster

    What brand of airless plaster are people using? I’m using Jublin p50 extra fine with no issues but there are cheaper products out there.
  14. devneydutch

    Airless plaster machine up-keep

    Does anyone on here that’s using a airless plaster machine have problems with the gun going a little rusty? we are putting it in a bucket of water each night to stop it blocking but it’s obviously going to rust. an alternative would be much appreciated. Thanks
  15. devneydutch

    Jub p50

    Any spayers know a good supplier with bulk discounts for this product.
  16. devneydutch

    dry lining corner tape

    Does anyone know if there is a fibre corner tape that is suitable for sanding
  17. devneydutch

    tapered boards for spray plastering

    Has anyone used square edge board for spray plastering as apose to tapered. removing most of the tape and joining part of the process