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  1. devneydutch

    When to use speedskim

    Get an18” marshal town
  2. devneydutch

    Newly plastered wall is bumpy.

    Did you get it done on the cheap?
  3. devneydutch

    Ever soldered your beads?

    Wow I thought I was fussy. Bet it looks banging
  4. devneydutch

    How to speed up screed drying time.

    We use Topcem instead of cement. It has a faster drying time
  5. devneydutch

    New lad done a good job?

    You sound like a great bloke to work for I would not be giving him a penny for that mess. He’s not a plasterer or anything near it. It’s going to cost you double to put that right by a decent spread
  6. devneydutch

    Would I be right to ask for this to be reskimmed?

    Terrible workmanship better to get some money back and get another spread in
  7. devneydutch

    Plaster gone off too quickly.

    Have a look on u tube sure there are some videos too help you out
  8. devneydutch

    Airless spray plaster

    Knauf is rubbish just blocks the machine
  9. devneydutch

    Advice needed from good renders please

    Cut your losses and get another decent plasterer in that comes recommended. That’s a mess
  10. devneydutch

    Still problems with multi and board??!!

    COVID has f**k*d multi finish
  11. devneydutch


    35-45 a meter on site? Been a long time since I did price work think I was getting about 15 lol
  12. devneydutch

    Anyone had a free mixer before?

    Hat mug and coffee flask
  13. devneydutch

    Anyone had a free mixer before?

    U didn’t win it on that plastering talk show the other week? I won a goodie bag from fox radio
  14. devneydutch

    Plastering Finish

    Doesn’t look great but down think it’s as bad as some of the s**t on here. See what your painter thinks. Hard to see on those pics
  15. devneydutch

    Plaster Query

    Fred West’s front room
  16. devneydutch


    You’ve won that one
  17. devneydutch

    Plastering over painted masonry

    Put a picture up mate. You might think about grinding lines into the painted render then sbr cement slurry before you apply your scratch coat. The original render needs to be solid though
  18. devneydutch


    Padstow bud
  19. devneydutch


    This is a job down my road. No beads, No coppings total mess. This was a quick photo the rest looks worse. They probably got decent money for it too. Joke
  20. devneydutch

    Airless material

    Tried most of em but gone with jubp50 it dries fast and spreads nice
  21. devneydutch

    We tried Airless plaster today

    They are strong buckets
  22. devneydutch

    Starting now!!!

    Very traditional esp about 1 coat
  23. devneydutch

    Starting now!!!

    Good show. Interesting about the new plaster from BG. Nothing about airless though
  24. devneydutch

    Graco mk v + bagar g

    I work on big one off houses if you lived closer I would give you some training
  25. devneydutch

    Graco mk v + bagar g

    I don’t like bager g I use jubp50 it drys faster and spreads better. Tape n joint with bager j all sprayed on
  26. devneydutch

    Graco mk v + bagar g

    I’ve gone over to airless and got the same machine. When u get a couple of jobs under your belt you won’t look back
  27. devneydutch

    Graco mk v + bagar g

    Where you based bud?
  28. devneydutch

    Sticking beads on. Oh no. Not this again!

    I tend too staple and foam them if they are out a little I bond them out. The carpenters/blockies never leave the reveals plum
  29. devneydutch

    Sticking beads on. Oh no. Not this again!

    Foam is great as in drys fast and gets inbetween the cracks of the board locking everything together.
  30. devneydutch

    Trim tex beads

    I’m currently getting all my beads from Belmore tools. Does anyone else use trim tex beads and where do they get them from?
  31. devneydutch

    Sticking beads on. Oh no. Not this again!

    Every job is different so you have to use different methods to put up beads. I staple and foam on most jobs if the boarding is good
  32. devneydutch

    Need a spray plaster machine to hire ASAP

    Sorted one now picking it up tomorrow
  33. devneydutch

    Need a spray plaster machine to hire ASAP

    Looking too hire a spray plaster machine in the south west? Can’t get 1 till next Tuesday
  34. devneydutch

    graco mkv

    What did you clean out?
  35. devneydutch

    graco mkv

    There is a ball in the wet end. Lol
  36. devneydutch

    graco mkv

    Sounds like a blockage. If you cleaned the wet end out and the 1st ball was moving then it might of been the ball that’s further up the wet end
  37. devneydutch

    graco mkv

    I’ve never watered the gear down
  38. devneydutch

    graco mkv

    Did the gun block? Might of been some bits in the hopper
  39. devneydutch

    graco mkv

    I find bager g blocks the machine more. Gone back too jubp50
  40. devneydutch

    The big one’s coming

    Where do you get your shadow beads from mate. Not seen that cut before? I’m using trim tex
  41. devneydutch

    Artex! how do you do yours?

    Depends on the artex fan. Some can be skimmed over others need a base coat then skim and then you could over board the lot. The choice is yours
  42. devneydutch

    Airless plaster sprayer.

    Guy I work with might be interested could you put up a picture of it
  43. devneydutch


    Don’t bother waste of time and money
  44. devneydutch

    Rendering Advice - South Glos, Bristol

    Sand and Cement all day
  45. devneydutch

    Builder in Brittany France

    It’s mostly tape n joint over there. I guy I worked with moved over there when the smoking ban came in lol
  46. devneydutch

    Air test score of 1

    Good money on a meterage
  47. devneydutch

    Adjustable depth beads

    Looks like I might of dreamt these beads up anyway as I’ve looked all through the net and can’t find em.
  48. devneydutch

    Adjustable depth beads

    It’s about getting a better finish. When u put a level on the curve after it’s totally finished I want it to be plumb and no hollow spots. I would free hand it outside but inside needs to be bang on