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  1. Steve Brown

    Toolbox poll

    Totally agree, no need to drop the board anymore to cut to size just scribe in place and use a cordless multi tool with a broad blade.
  2. Steve Brown

    Toolbox poll

    I actually got excited when I seen the title toolbox’s. What a let down.
  3. Steve Brown

    Toolbox poll

    Both not worth buying in my opinion. The only advantages place for the tape is on velux windows, but It’s over priced. Bars are pointless props smaller jobs boardlifter big jobs.
  4. Steve Brown

    Want a demo of a new British Plaster?

    Agree but when it’s a patch job or a small mix then it’s a no brainer.
  5. Steve Brown

    Want a demo of a new British Plaster?

    Half time works a treat.
  6. Steve Brown

    Newly plastered wall is bumpy.

    Think you might have went straight over light switch, I can see it slightly but that’s nit picking
  7. Steve Brown

    Newly plastered wall is bumpy.

    Yes it’s not the best!! Easy fix if you sand down the effected areas. Obviously sand the thick of it off first with a courser grit then finish off with a finer grit.
  8. Steve Brown

    Autofeed driver

    Not sure if you mean yellow feed and black feed rather than handles? But if that’s the case yellow one is first generation and black is second generation. I’ve got the first generation which had problems sticking (replaced via warranty) Still sticks every so often more with longer screws. You...
  9. Steve Brown


    Buskers all a bunch of lazy buggers! They need to get proper jobs, I bet none of them do a tax return and pay stamp (hint tint HMRC)
  10. Steve Brown

    Sometimes 125mm ain't enough - suggestions for a decent 230mm angle grinder?

    Everyone I’ve talked to that has Metabo tools has rated them highly, if I hadn’t already got as much Dewalt cordless I’d of went with them. But what’s their batteries like that’s what put me off Makita the batteries are not as good as Dewalt
  11. Steve Brown

    Sometimes 125mm ain't enough - suggestions for a decent 230mm angle grinder?

    The Dewalt 18v 4” grinder is smooth but eats the batteries
  12. Steve Brown

    John js twin

    He’s looks like John but his vans tidy and organised
  13. Steve Brown

    Sometimes 125mm ain't enough - suggestions for a decent 230mm angle grinder?

    I’ve bought a couple of cheaper ones in the past (Macallister etc) and they burn out/ don’t work as well as a medium - high quality ones. 90% of my power tools are Dewalt but they didn’t have a 240v 9” grinder in stock so got a Makita and I can’t fault it. It’s night and day compared to the...
  14. Steve Brown

    Tenant complaints could soar with Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018

    Agree that some are substandard but a lot of the tenants are lazy thick T***s that dry laundry on rads with widows closed (no ventilation) Also never clean on a regular basis.
  15. Steve Brown

    K-Rend damp patches after rain

    If the water is coming inside via the lintel/steels that means that a cavity tray wasn’t installed which should have been under today’s regs. Having said that a rendered wall would have prevented the driving rain from penetrating into the cavity. Without an inspection from a competent person...
  16. Steve Brown

    Usyk vs Joshua

    Usyk will struggle with Fury I think Fury takes that one but. Usyk v Wilder will be an easy win for Usyk. Wilder has a better chance of beating Fury than he has Usyk. Just hope Fury doesn’t get careless with Wilder.
  17. Steve Brown

    Usyk vs Joshua

    I was right! Now Fury has to do his part for a cracking unification fight
  18. Steve Brown

    Usyk vs Joshua

    I feel like a t**t but fancy and want Usyk to win. Then look forward to Fury v Usyk for undisputed
  19. Steve Brown

    Nightsearcher light bulbs

    I bought a few last year here’s a couple of phots
  20. Steve Brown

    There back

    Don’t know or ever met Sputnik but reading his responses I bet he’s got a small cock
  21. Steve Brown

    s**t tip

    Bad admin.
  22. Steve Brown

    Retirement gift ideas needed!

    That statue is as small as the key ring. Why not make them the proper size FFS.
  23. Steve Brown

    Trowel .

    Them handles will be slippery. Take it you like walking sticks?
  24. Steve Brown

    Alternative to timber for outside building

    Don’t know how much it’ll cost but what about industrial metal frame work with cedral cement cladding. That comes in various colours looks like timber and doesn’t ever need painting.
  25. Steve Brown

    Con men

    Looks funky might catch on?
  26. Steve Brown

    Pva problems

    Walls have had paper removed but not excess paste!! Wash off with sugar soap before PVA
  27. Steve Brown

    Plasterboard falls off

    Everything you’ve just explained is wrong. - Wrong spec plasterboard for 600 centres. - Too wide a spacing between screws (probably wrong length screws) - Too much plaster on board. You shouldn’t be working on people’s property.
  28. Steve Brown


    I’d of just gone home, any excuse now and I’ll go home. Proper lazy buggers sparkies very few good ones, tell the builder to deduct cash of for the f**k about and when you plaster fill them up.
  29. Steve Brown

    Filling insulated plasterboard chases on external wall

    Once the foam has cured cut it flat then dig it out about 10mm, pva it as plaster board edges will need it, fill it flush with bonding the scrim over chase the reskim. I personally would reskim whole wall but feather it if you want.
  30. Steve Brown

    Two tone

    Hi John I’ve used a light colour render when I refurbed an old 70’s extension on the rear of my house and put in dark grey doors, the a couple of years later put a porch on the front and used the same colour render but I’m careful too when it comes to money so re-used the front door which had a...
  31. Steve Brown

    Filling insulated plasterboard chases on external wall

    Fill with expanding foam once cured cut back 10mm ish bonding tape the skim wall
  32. Steve Brown

    Mcgreger v porier

    Either way but I fancy Connor to win by KO. Don’t think he’s past his best just hasn’t been active enough.
  33. Steve Brown

    Overboarding sloping ceiling

    I’m with you smoother on this abbreviation malarkey. If it’s not broke don’t reinvent it.
  34. Steve Brown

    Bad light

    Not surprised you had no light the state of that van, must have broke half a dozen with your unique packaging techniques.
  35. Steve Brown

    Half time.

    I’ve used it a lot to save time on the last mix when I want to beat the traffic etc. Like Vince says and you won’t go wrong, I find that you still have the same time to first and second coat using the same gear but it goes bang and sets just when you want it too. Extra time on the other hand...
  36. Steve Brown

    The fights set!

    Totally agree money has taken over, promotors are a bunch of whores. I’m pretty sure both fighters would rather it on British soil but have their hands tied. But Main thing is that the fight will happen
  37. Steve Brown

    Starting to bite.

    Timber is definitely scarce as had to put up a new fence and if it wasn’t for my dad being a old costumer (he’s retired now) at the timber merchant wouldn’t of got any. The stands were about 50% empty and they are one of the biggest trade fencing suppliers in my area.
  38. Steve Brown

    Dewalt radio

    I’ve got one never tried a flex volt battery but works with 10.8,14.4 &18v so no reason a flex volt shouldn’t . Nice small radio but I’ve had problems with control panel buttons stop working on occasion. Was fixed under warranty but then happened again after it ran out. Sorted it myself by...
  39. Steve Brown

    Sticking beads on. Oh no. Not this again!

    Standard galvanised thin coat beads.
  40. Steve Brown

    Sticking beads on. Oh no. Not this again!

    Surprise surprise @Cockney1 disagrees with me. What works for some doesn’t always work for others.
  41. Steve Brown

    Sticking beads on. Oh no. Not this again!

    I bought one of them when my Stanley finally gave in, it’s much better but no good on proper S&C angles that’s where scim or no nails comes in. Just use the stapler on board only, clouts on everything else bar hard angles where I us scim. Have used Multi Stick on pvc external beads to save time...
  42. Steve Brown

    francis ngannou

    From a recent performance perspective and attributes the odds have to be in favour of Francis. John’s been inactive and his best performances are years ago. It’s the fight game anything can happen but I still like John to win this one.
  43. Steve Brown

    So it's settled then..

    Can’t believe that I for once agree with you Hector. It must be a Northerner/ Southerner thing, Rumour has it all Southern men sit down to piss like women!!
  44. Steve Brown

    So it's settled then..

    Technically it can be named or referred to as both Handboard or Hawk (it’s in the plasters bible)! But I much prefer Handboard
  45. Steve Brown

    Bucket trowel

    Nela 8” long 5” wide best one I’ve had you can get a bigger one which is 8.5” now. I’m tight so made sure that had value for money with regards to postage and linked it to other products.
  46. Steve Brown


    Wrong I’ve fit them straight standing up into my SWB mk7 transit without any issues, fits snugly though.
  47. Steve Brown


    Yes definitely can on a MK7 SWB but like johnj said needs to be on passenger side as bulk head on drivers side prevents it. I always stand them upright as best use of space unless you put in a false floor.
  48. Steve Brown

    edinburgh woolen mills, debs, arcadia group

    Roll with the punches and adjust accordingly, everyone is in the same boat
  49. Steve Brown

    Home time

    That unorganised shambles will cost you more money that it would to rack out, if you add up all the minutes f**k**g about on various jobs trying to find gear. But each to their own.