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  1. Z

    Learn how to skim your house....

    What's he on!!!!!? :o
  2. Z

    OCR Convert.

    Been using OCR, what a bloody fantastic product, bless yes it was my first time! ;D Be using this a lot more in future, lot quicker and easier to use than s&c!
  3. Z

    Lesson Learnt!

    I did a job yesterday for a builder I know, 20m2 flat render to a garage, piece o (french word)! Or so I thought! He'd put the beads on and put the 'scratch' on!! (german word), he'd used building sand and smoothed off the so called 'scratch coat' with a trowel and NO scratches, smooth as a...
  4. Z

    Is He Avin A Larf!?
  5. Z

    Man Flu!

    Got a right good dose at the mo! Just got rid of it just before xmas now got it again!! Feel like crap, hard work getting up in the morning! Plastering is twice as bloody hard when your not on form!! :(
  6. Z

    Norfolk Flint

    I went to Norfolk for a week a couple of years ago and I was well impressed with the flint and peeble finishes to the buildings round there, is there anyone on here who does this type of work or anyone got any links to info on it?
  7. Z

    Building Paper

    Got a job coming up rendering a house, a small portion of which requires rendering over exterior ply, about 2m of it, question is I don't need a full roll of building paper what else could I economicaly use under the EML?
  8. Z

    Another Tyrolean Gun Up For Grabs
  9. Z

    Nearly Lost It.

    Bloody artex!! 25m ceiling over artex, all set up & ready to go, get the first mix on turn round to go back over it & holy s**t it's blebin up all over the bloody place!! Flattened it off, still coming up!! Ended up cutting out the blebs n filling before I could get on to laying in. Left it a...
  10. Z

    Fire Damage

    I've got an insurance job to price next week after a house fire, one room is to be stripped and re-done from scratch but there are several ceilings to be re-skimmed after smoke damage. I can't find any where specs for a primer to use for this if there is such a thing, so I was going for a good...
  11. Z

    Working For People You Know!!

    Just priced up a job for some people I know, gone in a bit cheaper than would've normally. Lounge diner to do, 6.3m x 3.5m ceiling to overboard, fire place to frame out and board, 3 areas of blown plaster to chop out and refloat, all walls to reskim 6.3m x 3.5m (opening into 4.2m for last couple...
  12. Z

    Used Tyrolean Gun

    Looks like it's been well used but like everything just needs a clean. Like rocking horse s**t!
  13. Z

    OCR and Tyrolean.

    Without sounding thick, how well does OCR do with a tyrolean finish? Is it compatabile and how long would you wait to finish? Couple of days to dry then blast it?
  14. Z


    Aye up lads whats the curing time on tyrolean for exposure to rain? Just done a house today, I've covered it tonight in case of rain but when would it be safe to leave uncovered as we are due a bit of the wet stuff tomoz!! I'm sure once it's gone hard, a few hours it's fine but it's my cash on...
  15. Z

    Steel Blue Boots

    As recommended by Church, nice one mate! Ordered a pair they arrived today, must say first impressions are very good!! Very light and like trainers to wear, really comfy!! Time will tell but look the biz! Cheers Church.
  16. Z

    Steel Toe Caps

    I need some new boots, which ones are best? I've had the cheap ones and they don't cut the mustard for me, I like to be comfy when on my feet all day, I found Caterpillar good and last well but no steel insoles and after getting a nail through my foot with them I've vowed never to buy a pair...
  17. Z


    What's bump?
  18. Z

    Does Nobody Go Out On Fridays Anymore?

    Is the recession putting our bad habits to bed? Is it a few tinnies and a forum nowadays?
  19. Z

    Dirtiest Trowel Ever!

    Is this the most (french word) taking trowel you've ever seen? :o
  20. Z

    CIS Vouchers

    Now the tax year has finished, time to get tax sorted! Tell me do you need to get a statement from the contractor for cis tax deductions? Last year was first year I've been subbing for a while, since the new rules came in, so whats the crack, I know they don't issue vouchers but how do you prove...
  21. Z


    Another newbie to the forum, wondered where everyone had gone from UKs site! I've been a plasterer for about ten years now doing both site and domestic work, hope to be able to share some of my experiences and cock ups for that matter, they say you learn from your mistakes! :P