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    Middle age and slowing down

    It's a hard life regardless of age - recovery just takes a little longer beyond 40!
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    Like most OCR's they are water sensitive, unless water setting is bang on, the product tends to clag and stick preventing adequate product delivery and ultimately back ups. I have this with both M300 and M200, I spray wetter now to avoid!
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    Axel 3000 should do the trick
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    Tyrolean finish

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    Tyrolean finish

    Parex Parmurex sprays neat and tidy - very fine coverage like 1.5mm Bucket render - sorry about the poor vid/photo quality!
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    Out of date monoquch

    Who's to know?? - M1 barely out of date - used as a dash receiver on XP system and the gear died - Weber failed to contact back once they were made aware - batch tested various pallets -same result -skipped a few pallets
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    External wall insulation

    Parex Maite, AVU 355 ,Mesh EHI Topcoat
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    Out of date monoquch

    Used Weber m1 a week past its use by date...needless to say it all came off!! - the gear suffered a quick death on the wall - once bitten.........!!
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    Skimming done recently

    When you're juggling day to day stuff with a business, its easy to take you're eye off the ball - as long as crap work is picked up sooner rather than later, then it demonstrates that the main man has a bit of pride in his output - I know some firms that would still crack on and try to get away it!
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    Thin coat to 1.5

    Fart around with the speed output and air for best results.'ll know when you have hit the sweet spot !!
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    Thin coat render over existing render and painted brick

    Parinter over paint work - subject to paint and condition!
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    Is Skimming Dying out?

    Let me know when you have the machine Tony, wouldn't mind taking a look!!
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    Rendering Over Painted SOLID Render.

    rendagrip is more for shuttererd concrete and unstable surfaces - dont think they approve it going on paint -though may be wrong
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    Plasterers 1 Stop Shop - PFT Central - New addition

    Welcome Des - hope to catch up soon!
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    Where can Plastering go next?

    Trade affiliations will be the way forward - skills need to be assessed, graded and continually developed for the good of the trade
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    Had one on-hire for a few months, pumping site mix on new build site - simple and effective!
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    Holiday in Cornwall, Owls and visit us here!!
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    Mtec m330

    Yeah! Great buy that little EZE - still going - spraying skim now!
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    Mtec m330

    Yes - sticking to what I know to begin with! - and as my knowledge of the other machines out there grows - hopefully progress to servicing and training on those too! I have tabs on a few machines I know of locally - and hopefully they may soon join our hire fleet.
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    Mtec m330

    As an Mtec user - and speaking purely as a contractor using one - they have proved reliable -they are a work horse - both G4 and Mtec300 are decent sized units to wheel about! The only issues I have had with the Mtec has been material related from a 3rd party supplier(render rebrand) Two...
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    Wethby basecoat

    Does no one ever scabble back painted finishes these days! ...? Much prefer having some suction on to original background.
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    worst rendering i have ever seen

    At least the beads look straight-ish!
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    Plasterers 1 Stop Shop (Cornwall) Ltd

    Thanks Danny and pmplaster :bailando:
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    Plasterers 1 Stop Shop (Cornwall) Ltd

    You too..good to hear you rate the NeLa for tape and joint as well!
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    Weber OCR overnite

    Keep an eye on overnight Temps though!
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    Plasterers 1 Stop Shop (Cornwall) Ltd

    Still going strong, mate, - body cant' keep up with daily grind now! I have taken a back seat role these days and just fancied a change in direction!
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    Plasterers 1 Stop Shop (Cornwall) Ltd

    Thanks for the support, Guys!! ...appreciated. I will try to get on the forum more often!...but with the new venture, time has been a bit scarce. Anyway, any South Westerners who want to pop over, please feel free, warm welcome and coffee will be offered!! I have had plenty of trade...
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    EWI Domestic Houses in Cornwall

    Must open my eyes then!!!!!!!!!! Seriously though....thought there would be a response by now - home or abroad!
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    EWI Domestic Houses in Cornwall

    Got to say the response so far has been positively underwhelming!!!!
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    EWI Domestic Houses in Cornwall

    Looking for a reputable and skilled EWI gang for properties in Cornwall ( St Austell and surrounding areas) All enabling works undertaken, In house delivery of materials, 90mm EPS with mineral render textured finish and paint. In house waste collections undertaken. Rates negotiable with...
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    New EPS Cutters

    The shite ones you were flogging 12-14 mths handled with flexi blades ....the ones I told you about...I could use my teeth and get a straighter cut!
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    New EPS Cutters

    I bought two of your eps cutters a while back, Ryan!!!!!!.....remember??
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    Cornwall Labourer

    Full time position to join a multi skilled gang for internal/external plastering and EWI. Will consider apprenticeship if interested, St Austell based. nick 07796688713
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    Seen a job

    Weber therm XP is one coat dash system based on a first pass with mesh and the second applied directly after to form a monolithic coat as per spec
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    Started This Today

    The road this place is on has just about every bespoke architect designed pretentious type of property going, from Art Deco, steel and glass, mock Tudor and Georgian, amongst others, with a 5 star hotel and spar one end and a Best Western opposite! The whole area is overvalued due to postcode...
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    25 Houses Chepstow, Board scrim dash

    Looking for an outfit to take this one on! 25 No-fines properties in Chepstow with additional extras for enabling /reinstatements. Materials brought to site and waste collected by others I need responses as soon as possible, or I will need to let this one go! Nick 07796688713
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    How much Dash

    flint or stone cover at different rates, it will also depend on how religious you are at collecting/reusing stone....on scaffolds we always hessian down, top and bottom
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    Verge trim

    Not the greatest of ideas, but once had a client who requested fascia to be double capped rather than use verge/eaves trims
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    Basecoat help required. !!

    If that's the case, this is too thin! Total system make up to most BBA thin coat systems are 7-10mm!
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    Basecoat help required. !!

    Fook...a little inconsiderate of me!
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    Ewi failure

    Scabble the walls?
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    Help with silicone render selection

    It wouldn't be my first choice!
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    Basecoat help required. !!

    1st coat 3-5mm, buttercoat 2-3mm max..depending on the system used. Your second coat is way to thick and liable to crack now at that depth...its call thin coat render for a reason...your depth on the wall should be on the 1st coat if any where, with the mesh towards the outer layer of the render
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    Gulp!!! ever forgot to mesh a stretch patch!!!

    Rip the whole lot off and start again !!
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    More bollox!!!

    Open forum.........valid/non-valid arguments, contentious statements, high/low post count etc... all are fair game....if you can't accept this basic principle of forum nature................don't comment!
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    Hot knife

    Eps needs rasping...... Guaranteed mess there anyway...regardless of whether you use saw or cutter..... ryan...still waiting on news on those HKnives upgrade:RpS_angry:
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    Poor standard of funded work

    I have to agree with some of the thoughts on this thread and also disagree with others. Quality will always be determined by the level of supervision afforded to a job, costs however, in the main will be determined by market forces.
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    opinions on future of ewi???

    Such as?? Conservation areas? Grade listed? Structural deficient properties? ...................ewi will have a solution to most buildings, just depends on the cost. In any event IWI is not cost effective for the utilities in £/CO trade-off....private installations cost will be borne by the...