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  1. The Apprentice

    Boarding ceilings

    Saw these and thought they might be helpful for someone. Don’t think the link works so it might be a copy and paste job
  2. The Apprentice

    Plaster trial

    Are you interested in taking part in trialing a new product? British Gypsum are looking for a couple of plasterers who can spend a day trialing a new plaster for a day on 28-29 -30th July at East Leake. If you are interested drop me a dm with your contact details and I’ll give you a call next...
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    Tyzack Centenary

    Here’s one for you folks..... surely got to be some price boosting on this one
  4. The Apprentice

    Win a Dewalt Cordless mixer

    Follow the link for your chance to win a Dewalt cordless mixer through Fix Radio.
  5. The Apprentice

    15 Minute production discussion

    We keep getting asked lots of questions about PureFinish, DuraFinish and Magnetic plaster and we are going to put some short discussions that people can watch live, ask questions etc. We want to know what time suits best for you folks, I was thinking around 12ish when your 1st gauge is done...
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    Seeing that we are talking asteroids and things have any of you got any questions on PureFinsh?
  7. The Apprentice

    Dewalt Cordless mixer

    Register your details on Fix Radio and tune in to the show for your chance to win
  8. The Apprentice

    Fix Radio

    A radio show to keep you happy on Fridays A
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    Anyone on it this next week?
  10. The Apprentice

    New plaster bags

    New bags for board, multi etc will start appearing anytime soon in the merchants. Not seen any yet so I can't comment but if they are anything like some I did see I think you might like them.
  11. The Apprentice

    NVQ Funding

    Looks like some funding is about for NVQ's
  12. The Apprentice

    British Gypsum Bond over Beer

    British Gypsum are holding another of the Bond over Beer evenings in Cheadle, Manchester in early December, I think the date they are looking to host the event is the 7th but this will be confirmed shortly to the individuals who can attend. The links below are to register your interest and the...
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    Sto vacancy

    Spotted this and thought one of you might be suited
  14. The Apprentice

    Bond over Beer

    Anybody interested in going to this please make sure you register your interest by contacting Lee or by email. If this is like the first two it will be a good night, hope to see you there.
  15. The Apprentice

    Plaster Demonstrator

    What would you like these plaster demonstrators to do for you plasterers?
  16. The Apprentice

    Mega mixer, transformer & 110v extension lead

    Item number 262438182082 Put my mega mixer on eBay if anybody is interested, seen very little use and now not needed.
  17. The Apprentice

    Unifinish tips

    Got a ceiling to do on Monday and can't get in till then so I'm going to give uni a go on aartexed background. Any advice on what to watch for would be appreciated.
  18. The Apprentice

    IWI on 9" solid wall

    Doing a job and the surveyor told the customer not to use board adhesive on a9" solid wall as it attracts condensation. I can understand is issue if we weren't using insulated boards but surely with insulated boards you ain't going to get mould due to cold spots. Any advice or info I can pass to...
  19. The Apprentice

    Cleaning Nela s*p*r*lex

    I like to clean my MT's by giving them a soak in water to loosen of the silt build up, hearing about the adhesive coming away from the blades, does anybody know if its ok to use this way with a Nela?
  20. The Apprentice

    Vinyl melting machine

    I've been offered a 20ltr melting machine for £300. Can't seem to find one so is this a good price? Had very little use, or so I'm told
  21. The Apprentice

    Yoozy boxes

    Do any of you use them and if so are they easy to fit? They look like you need to take the face off the electrics to fit them which pretty much defeats what we need to do on reskims. Mind you the plates that mark the back of the board ready for cutting out look handy
  22. The Apprentice

    Tyzack Centenary

    This is one for the, let me be polite here, more experienced members of this forum, aka old gits like me. Did tyzack ever make a centenary with a stainless steel blade?
  23. The Apprentice

    BG Pure finish

    Anybody used it yet? Is like multi to use? Sounds like BG are selling it like it is, just like to know before I come across it
  24. The Apprentice

    Diy sos

    just seen on twitter that Diy SOS are desperate for spreads tomorrow in Longfield, think it's in Essex if any of you boys are up for it
  25. The Apprentice

    New pieces of kit

    Snapped my speedskim the other day and I had to go back to the old, some would say the traditional way of doing things. Made me realise how much better all these new pieces of kit make life easier, in a less physically demanding way. For you out there who still do things "traditionally", you...
  26. The Apprentice

    New Speedskim SF for finishing

    I've been using the new version of the speedskim SF blade, the big difference being that you can finish with this blade as well as for flattening off. I've got a really good finish now, again it's down to your timings, but it's loads easier than having to keep wrapping tools. Only used the 1200...
  27. The Apprentice

    Plaster drying out

    Working on a refurb today and the skimming was drying out within an hour of finishing it. I decided to wet it to try and stop it drying out so fast. Does anybody know if this might have helped it or was I just wasting my time?
  28. The Apprentice

    30l Bucket Glove

    Had a conversation today about the 30l bucket glove that a company is looking to bring to market and I was asked which type of bucket shape would be best, either one of the tall skimming buckets or 1 shorter. I thought the shorter one for when your working out of the bucket but I said I'd ask...
  29. The Apprentice

    Plastic Derby

    Refina 228161 Plaziflex Plastic DARBY SPONGE BACK Replacement Blade Only | eBay Anybody used one of these? New one on me and looks awkward to use
  30. The Apprentice


    Just finished job and after 36 yrs in this game I have never seen anything like it. Building out of square, walls out of plumb by as much as 300mm in 2.4m and not in line by god only knows how much. The boarding was awful, upside down, 40-50 mm away from the wall, no studs in certain places and...
  31. The Apprentice

    Speedskim or not you decide

    Well for all you people out there who have yet to decide on buying yourself a speedskim how long would it take you to skim a ceiling? Today I skimmed a ceiling, only 3.5 x 4m using the ST speedskims to flatten after the 1st and 2nd coat, let it pull in a bit then went over it with the SF...
  32. The Apprentice

    Do you need a hand mixing

    Anybody need a hand mixing, looking for a couple of days mixing for you if your about 30 miles radius of Chesterfield so I can try a new paddle out. I'll even let you buy me a drink and bacon butty if you feel guilty. Drop me DM with your contact number so we can sort.
  33. The Apprentice

    Back ache

    I keep getting back ache when I'm mixing and the only way I can stop it is by putting my bucket on bricks or timber. Does anybody know if longer paddles are available from anywhere. Currently using the mega mixer and a ****** paddle by the way. Does this happen to anybody else or am I just...
  34. The Apprentice

    Plastic or s*p*r*lex

    Not used either but my wrist is telling me I've got to change but I've got no idea which is the easiest or the best to use. Doing mostly domestics and any advice would be appreciated.
  35. The Apprentice

    Spat Virgin

    Going to give a spat a go for the 1st time this week, never having used one before I would appreciate any helpful advice on how best to use them and when to use them. Thanks
  36. The Apprentice

    Bucket Glove

    These look handy if they are durable enough and if they make them for bigger buckets Removing waste from bucket glove - YouTube
  37. The Apprentice

    What makes a good spread

    So what makes a good spread in your eye's? We've all heard the comment and hopefully the majority of us have said it about someone that they are good, but how do you make that call Do you base it on the meterage that they push on in a shift. Is it about the quality of their work Is...
  38. The Apprentice

    Tyzack twitcher and external angle trowel

    Just been having a bid on an old tyzack twitcher and a bull nosed external angle trowel, gave up at £30, the pair fetched £72 and not forgetting the postage.
  39. The Apprentice

    What to learn?

    What aspects of plastering do you think that people taking a training course need to be trained in at a college. Currently they are trained in board and skim ceiling, dot and dab, float and set, rendering, floor screeding and cut, run reverse, cast and fit cornice. All the traditional jobs of...
  40. The Apprentice

    Overskims etc with no PVA

    I had a chat to a spread I know who told me a new plaster will be coming to the market in the near future that doesn't require PVA for reskims. He told me that the onlt prep that is required is for very high suction backgrounds such as old hardwall or bonding which needs a splash of water. Not...
  41. The Apprentice

    Mixing drill

    Any mixers you could rec at aboout £50 to £100 mark please. I know about mega mixers etc but looking for mixers for lads just starting out and they need to get earning before they spend anymore. Thanks
  42. The Apprentice

    Collated screwgun

    Any of you guys used these, look quite good and I came across one somewhere that you could wash out with water. Just need to know how they perform.
  43. The Apprentice

    What do I need to do to be a plasterer

    So come on then guys and gals, what do you need to do to call yourself a plasterer? I've heard labouring, doing a course, going to college and being an apprentice. Which one is best and why?
  44. The Apprentice

    Textured paint

    Skimmed a ceiling today that had got textured paint on it, a bit was loose so I went to take it off and the etxtured paint came off in very large sheets. Never had this before, anybody else come across it?
  45. The Apprentice

    Getting even

    My wifes spent the last 10 years calling me a pig and she is the 1 with swine flu!! REVENGE is a pill better known as tamiflu