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    The mix is like putty ,crushed chalk is the agrregate instead of sand which, is what you would use on clay lump which are more solid walls, but the amazing thing is the amount of hair absolutely tons of it this is what makes it more flexible than the sand mixes.When you load your hawk you have...
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    I do lots of lime work in Suffolk where we have wooden frame buildings with wattle and daub in fill which was originally finished with haired chalk plaster which is slaked lime crushed chalk and enormous amounts of hair. When you take old plaster of in our area you can roll it up into a sausage...
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    Lime skim on listed building

    Try haired chalk from Anglia limes can go on most surfaces even plaster board, up to 40 mm in one coat, but I find two coats or even better , the amazing thing is it is very low suction so do a test patch with just wetting the wall you might even get away with something that simple.
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    Hello my name is Adrian Fulcher ,I have been plastering for 44 yrs both modern and in the last 15 yrs traditional Suffolk lime plastering.Have any of you used Anglia limes haired chalk plaster it is a exapt replica of the lime they used a hundred yrs ago. The amazing thing about it is you can...