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  1. sly

    fibrous plasterers lets see your work today

    Needed more time on this one
  2. sly

    What A "Plasterer" Can Do

    Hi bodymould i totally agree with your comment , i am turning 50 soon, so the old boys that taught me i have now become one. You do not see apprrentices much anymore in our craft, and if you do the boss man trains them up just to a point that he can make money out of them . Not to the full level...
  3. sly

    Rule of thumb

    called a stop end in LONDON
  4. sly

    Rule of thumb

    Hi this is called a self return it is to give the affect that the cornice continue into another room.
  5. sly

    joint rules

    Tomps supplies you can get a full set
  6. sly

    What's the game coming too?

    Hi all ,just fixed & stopped in 20 meters of cornice with 20 mitres 6 witch are self returns on a price, got £5 under my day rate. Client comes along an dose not like it. I take it down make good wall & ceiling line i'am at home by 12.30 pm and get paid a full days money. Paid more for taking...
  7. sly

    Beeny's Restoration

    HI all just looked at Beeny's restoration T.V programme and saw an, ornamental plaster expert make a hole in the ceiling,look at the dust and tell the age of the ceiling can that be possible ?
  8. sly

    having problems with external mitres!!!

    The returns to the chimney breast are out of square
  9. sly


    by going to college your son will mix with people of his own age that could help him get work i the future
  10. sly

    using A DARBY?

    sorry mate a darby is for finish work