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    Film industry needs Fibrous Plasterers at Pinewood

    The film industry is so busy and fibrous plasterers are in short supply
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    Moulded Profiles

    Immortal Mouldings by Fibreform Mouldings and Interiors Ltd, they do it all, they immortalise your Loved Ones and Pets into garden ornaments covings etc... images:-female urn, Norwich Terrier jardiniere, male coving, promote it I'm your man, ££ for all
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    What A "Plasterer" Can Do

    Hi Guys, Just a little insight as to what 'Plasterers' can do. This is the Plasterers forum, not the spread or fibre hand forum, so lets start sharing our individual talents. I am looking for all Plasterers, who have an interest in promoting our skills, to write down their...
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    No Cement in Pre-!920s houses

    Is it time to stop putting modern plasters in old buildings. Pre-1920 houses used lime, and breathe, cement and gypsum kill them. The actual material is not expensive, the labour is, however if we promoted more of it, there would be more work, therefor it could be cheaper. My idea is that...
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    My G4's need to be kept busy

    You guys know about machine plastering!! well my machines, have just come to a halt and are being serviced. Before firing them up again. I am looking for a team. for a 7 month stint in UAE/Oman region, not until around June and it will be hot. So if you fancy it drop your details , the photo's...
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    Who R They ????

    R U Here????
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    A few samples of my work

    Fibrous Plasterer, always looking to keep busy, if i can be of use to you, pricework give me a shout,will travel anywhere if price is right, hope you like the work
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    a bit of modelling

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    training network

    Im part of a group of craftsman, who are currently looking at taking on our own trainees, local craftsman = local youngsters, we are trying to make it nationwide.if you are interested in taking part in the scheme leave a personal message on my page, more details will be forth coming.
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    Hi guys, anyone out there know whether or not there is an additve that would waterproof casting plaster??
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    loading photos

    could someone let me know how to put photos up to share with the forum???
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    Any Fibrehands out there?

    get in touch!!
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    Hi All, New to the site, not to the game, easy to please, hard to tame.

    have viewed a few posts, good to see there`s plenty of banter out there, looking forward to laying it on.