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  1. J


    is anybody actually using the new m 200
  2. J

    SPS Envirowall silicone topcoat

    anybody having issues with the above, done a small job with this and it wouldn't set 3 days later it washed of the wall rep blamed the damp n wet weather, but weather was fine the day applied and the next had to order more material, and this time they sold me the winter additive put on last...
  3. J

    Ritmo L V E Grade

    can I spray e-grade through a ritmo l is there anything i should know or watch out for heard that it only works with a injector adaptor lastly what size of geni for the 230v
  4. J


    all this is my second posting of this and think this is maybe the best place this time, thermocromex lime render is a pre pre bagged pre coloured lime render the product sheet says it can be pumped with a plastering machine has anyone used thermocromex and more so have you used a machine for it...
  5. J


    has anybody sprayed this with a PFT eletric machine i have a inquiry to use this product, and have heard it need a dual mixing chamber can you help