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    Where to buy silicone materials for casting

    Hi all can anyone put me onto a silicone casting materials supplier that does not cost the earth? :), bought some off the web but can't believe its that expensive !!! anyone know somewhere in the UK that I could use either collect directly or delivered. cheers all TIA
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    Running radius mouldings, expansion issue inner edge curling off the glass bench

    Hi , I am running some window mouldings on a glass bench approx. 4 inch wide using Fine casting plus , the straight runs are only 1.5m long and are spot on but the radius are warping from the inner upwards on a radius of 2feet/ dia 4 feet tried making them in half but still they curl up from...
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    Hi There, just to say Hello,

    Hi all on here my name is Samson and I like curries but also like some assistance if possible, hence why I joined this forum for it .. cheers all.