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  1. richardbrown

    180 mm fixings

    Morning lads, Can anyone recommend where to buy DECENT 180mm fixings with metal pins?. Really fed up using the crap that Parex, Mapei and the like specify as notated how well you drill the hole they rarely sit flat to the wall. The best ones I have used are the Marmorit fixings but you...
  2. richardbrown

    Gypsum and stainless steel

    Hi guys, Having just fitted stainless stop end beads in my front room then floating out with hardwall and skimming I see on the web it says not to use stainless beading when using gypsum. Any ideas why?.
  3. richardbrown

    Verge trim

    It's ******* crap
  4. richardbrown

    Ewi failure

    Have a very small refurb Parex Ewi job which is a hard to treat rendered and painted house. I had the lads stick the eps yesterday with maite as an adhesive and this morning the whole lot has popped off the wall. Any ideas lads?
  5. richardbrown

    Burned Ewi sheets

    Hi guys, Recently I have been having lots of what looks like fire damaged Ewi sheets within the sealed packs being delivered by my supplier. At first it was just the odd sheet here and there but the last order there was quite a bit. I have sent an email to kaymetzler and to my...
  6. richardbrown

    Parex monerex gm sponge finish

    Hi guys, I have a large job coming up where the client wants Parex monerex gm sponge finished. I have scraped back plenty of this product but not sponged finished any. I would appreciate any tips from anyone who has sprayed and sponged finished this product.
  7. richardbrown


    Hi guys, I'm going to be here on Wednesday evening if anyone fancies a beer 4, Narrowboat Way, Brierley Hill, West Midlands, DY5 1UF
  8. richardbrown

    Poor standard of funded work

    Evening guys. If like your views and opinions on this please. I have priced a few ewi jobs recently and have lost them to the likes of British gas etc who are part funding the work so the customer THINKS they are getting a bargain. The last job I lost involved removing and replacing...
  9. richardbrown

    I'm not moaning but.....

    I ******* hate geka fittings and the wanky fittings on the material hose. They are lovely when it's warm and everything is clean but add cold hands and those wank geka fittings make me want to have a stroke and get a grain of sand on one of the lever cams on the material hose and it'll refuse...
  10. richardbrown

    Mapei insulated render systems

    Hi guys, Hope you are all well. Just a quick thread to discuss the Mapei range of renders and ewi products. I first started using Mapei products in may of last year, I was using another leading manufacture beforehand but on this occasion I was pricing a large ewi job and I needed a...
  11. richardbrown

    Over sills problem

    Dear all, Perhaps you can help me here. I have recently fitted some Wemico aluminium over sills on an Ewi job which were Powder coated in a standard white. The client has just rang me to say he isn't happy because there is a colour difference between the sills and his new white plastic...
  12. richardbrown

    Mega mixer trigger

    My lad did the old classic the other day and span the drill around the power lead and broke it. Anyway new lead fitted but can I get that trigger mechanism to locate properly can i feck!!!!!!.
  13. richardbrown


    Can you buy a disc for rasping eps?. What's the disc used for with the teeth arranged in a circle ? I thought the disc for rubbing back scratch render had 4 scratch pads stuck to it!?
  14. richardbrown

    Aged eps

    Whenever I ring Encon to buy eps they always say do I want it aged or not. They say it must be produced then rested for however long to let it expand before fitting to the wall. I have never heard of this from anyone else and if it must aged why give me the option of buying it not...
  15. richardbrown

    Need it pronto

    I need 120m2 of 60mm insulation pronto but was told by Encon today there is a 2 week wait. I need it by Tuesday. Any ideas people?
  16. richardbrown

    Eco funding Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    Hi guys. I recently priced a large private house which the guy is currently having a full refirb on new layout internally, kitchens etc. I rang him last night for him to tell me that the job I had priced for £20k he could get done from a local firm for £11k because he was eligible for...
  17. richardbrown

    Dirty bastards

    We have had a very busy summer using our Ritmo and I am sad to report its **** high with silicone topcoat. Is there any chemical I can use to soften this prior to giving the machine a bit of a steam clean?. Thanks
  18. richardbrown


    The sto rep Sent me an email last week out of the blue asking to Meet with me this Tuesday in Costa at 9:30 am ..... Wtf is that about then??
  19. richardbrown

    The Ritmo coach bolt

    What a poorly designed piece of crap that bolt system is that secures the motor grill. Mine totally failed today and now just spins round and won't locate in the channel as it should as that is worn. My mate is an engineer a very clever one at that he's gonna design this properly, cut...
  20. richardbrown

    My latest Ewi job

    Think you'll find this pretty impressive. EXCLU : l'incendie de Roubaix filmé par un voisin - Vidéo Dailymotion
  21. richardbrown

    Not keen

    Just been Asked to look at a job, 60mm phenolic with a scratch render top. Thoughts pls lads
  22. richardbrown

    Bead prices

    I know it's been discussed before but I am looking to bulk buy some thin coat angle and 5mm stops. Where do you guys go and how much are you paying per length. Cheers
  23. richardbrown


    I'll be here for the night on Friday if anyone fancies meeting up and possibly going twos up on a crack whore?
  24. richardbrown


    Sprayed 21 tubs of parmorit today and to be honest it looked quite good once completed. That little Ritmo and Genny didn't miss a beat all day.
  25. richardbrown

    Spraying primers, silicone paints etc

    Totally fed up with getting the roller out. We have quite a few large projects on so was thinking in investing in a decent airless sprayer that will do the job well. Any ideas or recommends fellas??
  26. richardbrown

    Bucket coat pumping problem

    Evening guys. I have a Ritmo l and regularly spray bucket coat 1.5 mm My problem is that every time we send the product through the pipes it blocks on the joint between the two pipes and the end of the pipe EVERY TIME. I have tried everything sending through at speed 0, wallpaper...
  27. richardbrown

    Parex parinter

    Dear all. I have a job coming up using parex parinter. I have never used this product before so any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks Rich
  28. richardbrown

    Ewi qualification

    Morning all. I have been fitting these systems for years but would like to have some kind of recognised qualification. I doubt ill get any funding and I have nvqs in other areas. Does anyone know the best route for me to take??. Thanks
  29. richardbrown

    Ewi obsticals

    I have a few houses coming up which need Ewi fitted to them Both houses have standard boiler flus, soil stacks, no soffits and standard sills. How do you fellas get over these problems???. Thanks rich
  30. richardbrown

    the big freeze

    Whats the answer guys?. I have a lot of ewi and thin coat work from next week until about March. All these projects have to be completed but what can I/we do about the freezing weather which is about to sweep over the country. I know Marmorit say dont use their products under 3oC.
  31. richardbrown

    Fooking rain

    I really wish this rain would get fooked we sprayed 110m2 of thin coat today thinking it was going to be dry and as usual the clouds loomed in. In the end I had two guys on petrol leaf blowers and me on a roofing torch drying it out before it piss.ed it down..... Hurry up summer!.
  32. richardbrown

    Ritmo L for sale

    Hi Guys, I am selling my Ritmo L (240v) it is just over 12 months old and has just been serviced by PFT Northern. It will be sold with 20m of new hose and a new render gun. any questions call or text me 07793748366. rich
  33. richardbrown

    ritmo settings

    Just being lazy.... does anyone know the ritmo settings for presto and vp primer? cheers
  34. richardbrown

    spraying Marmorits vp primer

    evening all, I have a job where I wanna try and spray marmorits vp primer with my ritmo L Has anyone done this?? any advice welcomed thanks
  35. richardbrown

    new transit

    I know I have always slagged off transits and I still think they are a bit crap but I am finding my transporter a bit small and its frustrating me. I went to the local vw dealer today and they wanted £30k plus vat for a new SWB crafter which made me choke, on the way home I thought I would...
  36. richardbrown

    French rubbish

    I have just started a job of 1000m2 70mm thin coat using a certain French brand begging with P. What a load of cheap s**t it is. The poly is poor,fixings are pathetic,mesh is the worst I have used and the basecoat is truly shite. I had high hopes for this gear but am bitterly...
  37. richardbrown

    120mm rockwool repirs

    Hi Guys, Just landed a job in Exeter on 5 schools. Many moons ago they had a Marmorit 120mm rockwool system fitted, the rendering contractor at the time wrongly took the 120mm rockwool to the floor with no tray or cavity, of course over the years the rockwool has been soaking up the water...
  38. richardbrown


    I know a fella down this end who has recently bought a Ritmo with the skimming set up. He has used it about 4 times and doesn't like it and is willing to sell it for peanuts!. Pm for info rich
  39. richardbrown

    new website

    A friend of mine has just built me a new website (sorry danny lol). If you have the time I would appreciate you guys taking a look and giving me some feedback on it. I am generally very happy with it but would like your opinions. I have lots of new images etc to add and will change the odd...
  40. richardbrown

    I am very very pleased to announce......

    that the c**t who ripped me off a few months ago was yesterday found dead. Thank you dear lord. Richard
  41. richardbrown

    timber frame house

    I am looking at a job tomorrow which is a timber frame house that they want a insulated thin coat system fitted to. when they are ready for me the house will be covered in ply. What would the spec for this be, I cant seem to find any information on this on the marmorit website. Could I...
  42. richardbrown

    Merry Christmas !!

    Wishing everyone on the forum a merry christmas and a healthy and profitable new year!. All the best. Richard.
  43. richardbrown

    big insulated job

    there is a nice big block of flats having a insulated system fitted here in plymouth by tru clad i think,based in bristol and somewhere else....... anyone heard of them ??? rich
  44. richardbrown

    pft swing

    any tips for using the above machine to achieve a light texture using mono would be much appreciated. thanks
  45. richardbrown

    Marmorit Spec

    What would the spec be to fit a 50mm warm wall system directly to 10mm marine ply be ??? I have had a look on their website and all I can find is steel frame or masonry. Thanks Rich
  46. richardbrown

    thin coat beads.

    Need a box of mesh angles and mesh stops. Lord and Downing have stopped doing them (dunno why) Anyone suggest a new supplier?
  47. richardbrown

    Skimming rates around the country.

    I always hear you lot moaning about s**t rates for skimming etc but to be honest I always get tidy rates down here in Devon. My mate has just picked up a site skim job £4.10 m2 labour only,4 bed town houses. I rest my case.
  48. richardbrown


    got an eyeful of skimming today... sat here now in agony :(
  49. richardbrown

    quickest, cheapest way

    Hi Guys, I have just bought a 3 bed detached bungalow to re furb and try and sell on at a profit. The exterior is grim, badly dashed and full of cracks but sound. I am looking for opinions on the quickest, cheapest way to tart this up. I have a few ideas but welcome yours. Thanks...
  50. richardbrown

    Refreshing Change

    I have just completed a job for TTS INTERIORS based in Manchester, they rang me up as they were doing a refirb on a mexican restaurant here in Plymouth. I gave them a quote which they didnt argue with at all, we finished the job and I posted the invoice to them on SATURDAY and had a call TODAY...