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    Need some ideas...

    For my bedroom ceiling. Old lathe and lime plaster ceiling. Has to come down and be replaced. I need to replace it with a board which is as thin as possible. 9.5mm plasterboard is the thinnest I've used. Is there anything thinner available? Ideally 6mm or thinner...
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    I’ve dropped a Ball lock

    Dont know if it would work on a wall or not but if it was a floor I'd put another coat of primer on and throw sand at it whilst still wet so it sticks and gives a good rough surface to key onto. Or even mix some dry sand in with the primer before painting it on. As I say I'm floors not walls...
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    Out of date casting plaster.

    If you put a little bit if citric acid (lemonade) in your mixing water itll re***d the setting of plaster.
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    If you could change...

    Blimey that's harsh. Most I've ever come across was 90days...
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    If you could change...

    Traders would love it but it would cripple your cashflow especially if you haven't been paid up by the client...
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    Sticks like s**t

    I've used this in my shower to put corner beads and wall boards on. Also fixed a leaking water tank with it. Really good stuff and not that pricey either and yes it really does stick like ...
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    f**k**g sad sad day.

    He wasnt in freinds??
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    Tools left on unsecured site.

    I don't think I'd leave my tools on a secured site let alone one unsecured... I'm not sure the insurance would pay out if they were pinched either
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    Insulation question

    Apart from they are made in slightly different ways there is no appreciable difference. There are however different grades of each which offer greater or lesser insulation values
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    Retrofit UFH, screed questions

    Ts20 is about £230 per m3 readymixed nd delivered then cost of pump hire would be about £450. So materials and plant about £1000 plus your labour 2 blokes 1 day say £500 tops... bit for polythene membrane edging strip and tape maybe another £100. £3k sounds higher than readhmixed but not...
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    Retrofit UFH, screed questions

    I'd be interested in what sort of cost that involved. It would have needed around 1.2m3 of readymixed ts20 pumped screed. I would think this option would be cheaper by about 50% but not sure what sort of labour would be involved in the bagged system. Probably 2 guys for a day?..
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    Retrofit UFH, screed questions

    Sounds like you're sold on them so I'll say no more. Liquid screed would be the best and cheapest way to level the floor and then top the trays though.
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    Retrofit UFH, screed questions

    Have you already bought trays
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    Retrofit UFH, screed questions

    Why do you need it snoker table flat first.... put any insulation down you need, put your pipes down then screed it to varying depths. I think your over thinking it without wishing to be rude. If you need someone to do it five Andy owen of TASC holdings a call. Tell him Alan Jackson suggested...
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    Retrofit UFH, screed questions

    If it's quite a few square meters it would pay you to look at pumped liquid screed. Gypsol ts20 would be suitable for this application. This would need to be 20mm minimum depth.
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    Bye bye most trades....

    This is no good... how do you put the telly in the corner
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    Bye bye most trades....

    buy a small 3d printer on amazon cos they're only a couple of hundred quid. then print your own bricks... simples....
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    Roof rack plasterboards

    Tow bar and trailer
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    liquid screed

    Actually all screeds should be mechanically agreed (lightly sanded) prior to placing bonded floor coverings. This removes any debris, mud, adhesives, mortar, curing compounds etc. It also removes any loose Laitence on the screed. The flooring trade associations consider this part of standard...
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    liquid screed

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    liquid screed

    Standard practice to charge for extra if its not allowed for in the price but would be nice to discuss it before install. Who was the screeder?
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    Log burner question

    Opening up or changing a chimney might also constitute building work requiring regs and approval as well. I believe that a stove cannot be within 450mm of anything flammable (at least that was what they said when they fitted our 3 stoves) unless said material is protected... They screwed some...
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    Screed thickness +DPM

    If it's only 1m2 you would probably do well to use a thick section levelling compound. Send cement at that depth is likely to fail in a high traffic area evenbwuth fibres. You could use an SBR additive but once you have faffed about with that you could have There are loads of thick section...
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    Polystyrene insulation

    The lower the lambda value or the higher the R value the better it will insulate but for a shed draught proofing will be as important as insulation. EPS70 is the lowest performing of the rigid board types at a lambda value of 0.036 with PIR boards like celotex and kingspan around 0.023. Some...
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    Self Sufficent

    I' actually setting up to do that now with a view to early retirement in 4 of 5 years. I'e been fascinated by the idea for years but never had the chance till a couple of years back. Bought a couple of acres of neglected land in the lincolnshire fens and now in the process of beating it into...
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    Site managers

    I only ever put one coat of skim on... my walls are perfectly flat and so are the fields on the farm next door... and another positive is that you know the joints are scrimmed cos you can see the scrim ... see.... all good
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    I haven't been called a lurker for a while... the electronic tag is off now though so I can post
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    Builder gets 5 year sentence

    What qualifications are required to be a builder then... no law says you must be formally qualified... this guy is just a robber... makes no difference if hes qualified or not
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    Persimmon homes

    Don' think I would buy anything post 1950s I buy and renovate oldies. Doing one from 1840 at the moment
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    Should all buildings without cavity be lime plastered and rendered?

    I just spent a very entertaining 10 minutes reading this thread. I think that wattle and daub hand made using mud, dung and a bit of clay is the correct way to progress...
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    Who said it?

    Sticks like wotsis to the wood chip...trouble is if the wood chip is coming off the wall cos it's old... and lets face but woodchip is hardly in fashion anymore so is probably old...
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    Who said it?

    Haha... I bought an old house for renovation some years ago. That was skimmed over wallpaper then wallpapered with woodchip which was then skimmed over again....
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    75mm floor screed,dried out quickly because of underfloor heating turned on

    Screed may be friable and may crack but can be repaired so no need to dig out or anything like that.
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    What is this horizontal moulding and how do I replicate it?

    Based on pics 2 and 3 it looks like you'e already matched it....
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    Autumn 2017 edition of the Gypsol Chronicles available here....
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    Office Shed build: shed is up but what next?

    breathable felt is a waste of time in a shed especially if you are cutting the insulation tight between the battens. It would be appropriate for a tiled roof where there is an allowance for air movement but the shed roof above the insulation will effectively be sealed. You should put a small...
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    Nowt to do with plastering really but....

    Please take a few minutes to check out my exceedingly talented daughter's artwork. She is trying to start up a business offering pet portraits and original wildlife portraiture all in watercolours. If you know anything about painting you will know this us one of the more diffucult mediums to...
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    Moulds for sale

    Call me on 07966651006 any time tomorrow and we can discuss. Really could do with getting Shot of them now as they are in the way. I'm near Boston Lincs if that has any bearing on things. Cheers Alan
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    Plasterers money

    £120 a day is good if you work a 3 hour day. So not if you warm a 12 hour day...
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    Seal pink gypsum and NOT paint it

    Try sikaflor 2540w colourless resin. We use it floors. Hard wearing and stain proof
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    Towing a trailer

    I also did my test many years ago and am allowed to drive diggers and tractors. I'm not sure how to start a tractor or a diggers and as for which lever to pull... I'm also allowed to ride a motorbike up to 125cc ... i can't pedal that fast though so....
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    Cowboy number 2!

    Stuff some old carrier bags in the gap to bulk it out then a bit if decorators filler and render over it.... simples.... cant see the issue myself
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    Electric cable depth regs

    There is no specific regulatory depth in part p. It comes down to common sense. Usually the sparks advise at least 2 spades depth in areas subject to digging. They also advise part back filljng the trench and then placing a warning tape in the trench before completing back filling so if it is...
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    I have a cunning plan

    its actually entirely possible that this suggestion if acted upon would be unlawful. It would contravene the UK competition act which governs against cartel activity in the UK. you could be fined up to 10% of your gross turnover and sent to prison for 15 years.... up to you though :cachetada:
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    Moulds for sale

    Missed your question sorry. Yes still for sale if you are still interested
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    I got some second had ones you are welcome to look at. Wanting to sell them off as I bought them for my boy to start his own business with and he had other ideas.
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    Water Ingress/Damp

    I deffinitely think the cracks need investigation. Is the ground on which the hiuses are built made up ground. Is it heavy clay that is now drying out. Is it settling. My advide would be dont just concentrate on the cracks and the render as the problem could be in the foundations and subsurface...
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    danny can i have a gambling room please.

    You see...this is why I don't gamble
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    danny can i have a gambling room please.

    I bet it won't happen though
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    Any help please?

    dried too fast. substrate sucked the moisture out too quick meaning bond could not form. pva or prime should do the trick. on dry subsrates I often spray with water before skimming. never had an issue. I have watched my render peel off before not good with render