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  1. zolco

    in around 4 weeks got loads of work coming in... need decent help..

    @bobski thanks for the recommendation mate Kentish I'm too busy till end of October beginning of November, so no chance getting to any jobs before that, if you need a hand then you can give me a.ring on 07504680057, cheers Zol
  2. zolco


    Thanks to @vfr12 and Kevin for giving us a hand on Saturday. And the rest of the gang who didn't show f**k off :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  3. zolco

    Flex giraffe sander for sale

    Cheers mate, got a festool planex, will see me out for a while
  4. zolco

    Winter woes

    Think got the firewood covered here
  5. zolco

    Retrofit UFH, screed questions

    Great to have you on board (y)
  6. zolco

    Retrofit UFH, screed questions

    Why you have to come across like a dick every time you comment Mr perfect? Have a look retro fitted ufh then f**k**g comment
  7. zolco

    Retrofit UFH, screed questions

    Yes mate, without that only product to go over with is mapei's tile adhesive. When you get a spec from your supplier it will be included in there what materials suitable to cover the trays and pipes.
  8. zolco

    Retrofit UFH, screed questions

    You have to prime the pipes and trays before you screed with primer as the the insulation/aluminium foil on it can react with the screed if you thinking to screed over it at all, or you can use mapei tile adhesive which contains epoxy but it's about 50/bag and you will go through a lot to fill...
  9. zolco

    Shocking rendering

    Kevin wasn't very good then by the looks of it
  10. zolco

    Painted breeze block pva?

    As megamix says, grit then bond and skim
  11. zolco

    Retrofit UFH, screed questions

    Wundafloor Omni floor Schulter all very similar, trays and pipes will need priming before screed, then for good measure fit decoupling membrane before tiling
  12. zolco

    Images of rendering to verge

    It's called undercloak
  13. zolco

    Why on earth

    That's the clemrope mate
  14. zolco

    Plasterboard carier

    Course I will
  15. zolco

    Plasterboard carier

    Hence you should grab 3 and take it upstairs (y)
  16. zolco

    Plasterboard carier

    Of course you do :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  17. zolco

    Council work

    I find working on private rentals bad enough sometimes and because of that i don't want to know how bad is social housing tbh.
  18. zolco

    So Sad

    What have you done to it? Tried lifting your wallet?
  19. zolco

    Taping oak up

    If there's plenty money in the job use Walter strong liquid masking
  20. zolco

    Van organisation!!!

    Ah I see
  21. zolco

    Van organisation!!!

    Why you want to carry surplus boards? Just tip it on the job, if you have too many chuck it in the lock up. these racks are best
  22. zolco

    8x4 or 6x3 boards

    Try this mate you'll love it Folded boards
  23. zolco

    Who's had a good year

    And I thought my year was bad
  24. zolco

    Flat roof leaks

    Just over 350sqm, 18k it cost in the end to have it stripped and redone properly about 7years ago
  25. zolco

    Flat roof leaks

    If you keep patching it it's bad economy, you end up paying same or more for that than renewing the roof especially if you keeping it for at least for another 10 years. Mrs used to pay 1-2-3k every year to have one of hers patched, in the end was easier to shell out for a new one
  26. zolco

    Skimming in winter

    I'm disappointed that you didn't put the walls on at the same time:inocente:
  27. zolco

    Flat roof leaks

    Piece of cake to replace the flashing mate. You have some silicon in the corner could be that, wall full of hairlines, flashing could be not deep enough, if you can see it inside where the water gets in that will help even if you have to open up the ceiling
  28. zolco

    Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019

    Seen it yesterday on FB someone has them already Gary
  29. zolco

    Stair winders

    Probably 80 a piece if he's lucky, got 3 in a house so 200 extra, takes longer doing them than lashing on a.full room
  30. zolco

    Stair winders

    Per piece
  31. zolco


    This is what you need around £150 IP rated 270° light, first one on the video is a scangrip 5k the second one is the floodlight Enlight industrial flood light
  32. zolco

    ox speedskim

    I think there great, with the SF you can almost finish
  33. zolco

    Rendering Oak Framed Property

    @essexandy, @Builderboi could be one for you
  34. zolco

    Fassa coverage

    Top drawer(y)
  35. zolco

    Patio Door reveals

    Nothing tells you I love you more, than a mismeasured unit fitted. Board under the catnic and.on the timber, float and skim the rest
  36. zolco

    Price for ames taping

    About £3.50-4 supply and fit or 2-2.50 labour only as a subbie
  37. zolco

    Oh roger.

    This thread like tennis
  38. zolco

    s**t gear again

    Their recommendations worth as much as the paper it's written on
  39. zolco

    Clerk of works

    Sounds like Ray is a t**t a tad
  40. zolco

    York in morning

    How can you take pics of the wind?
  41. zolco

    Looking for work

    Good luck not the best time of year looking for work good luck
  42. zolco

    s**t gear again

    Put the Wacker plate over it or sponge the lot
  43. zolco

    Need a second opinion - BAD WORK?

    @theclemo your favourite subject :X3::X3::X3::X3:
  44. zolco

    Poor Plasterwork

    It's less than 100quid for a small claims under 10k value
  45. zolco

    Poor Plasterwork

    It's not always true tho. If you can secure a ccj against their name will make their life difficult if they don't argue with the small claims. I had a customer who digged their heel in paying their last invoice, only 4k, solicitor said it will cost me 10k, 18months to recover the 4k on high...
  46. zolco

    Wives with stable secure jobs

    Cheers mate, only mentioned it to cheer him up and let him know he's not the only one out there
  47. zolco

    Poor Plasterwork

    How much you out of pocket?
  48. zolco

    Wives with stable secure jobs

    You be fine, just leave it all behind you