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    broken trowel

    Lads serious question I am working 20 miles from the nearest town centre I have just gotta room on 2 coats was about to start troweling up and I have only gone and stood on my trowel and broke it I don't have any spares in the van or the time to go get one or get one of pals to bring one out...
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    help lads

    Lads I need some advice. I skimmed a big room yesterday 9 bags to be precise I have turned up today and it's all on the floor. What's going on?
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    sharp sand

    Finished a lovely rendering job yesterday using sharp sand we done the whole house a 3 bed detached. The mix we used was 7-1 sharp sand and cement the grit in the sand leaves a lovely key for the masonry paint to pull into. The client was over the moon with the job and gave us a nice tip I...
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    Rendering with sbr

    Has anyone rendered with sbr in the top coat before? I am finding it drags and the finish isn't too clever anyone got any tips?