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    who f**ked this one up then?
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    Thin coat silicone renderers wanted

    im after a gang to do a job for me in chichester area. 155m2 bungalow refurb and boundary walls. so 155m2 total will be in jub 1.5mm finish. be ready begining of sept. must be experienced and clean. materials provided. pay 7 day terms
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    skimmers asap

    need a gang of skimmers in winchester asap had nothing but no shows and really pissing me off now.
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    rip water pump

    my bloody water pump packed in just before i was going to spray. FUMING
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    graco mkv

    anyone got a set up and clean down video of this for airless plaster? looking to hire one for a little play
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    masks on site

    had to leave site this morn. builder we work alot with out of blue this morn says you need to wear a mask on site. nope....... says gotta protect everyone. esp couple vunruble people. funny that they were hapoy last week on site without a mask. maybe dont get 20 trades in 1 house then. thats...
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    renderer wanted full time

    renderer wanted full time on a subby basis. ideally have own van. experience in mono and thincoats based in Portsmouth. work all around Hampshire
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    krend k1 white

    i got 16 bags ledt over from a job. been stored in my container for past 4 weeks. want rid. free to anyone who wants to collect in portsmouth
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    damp brick protection

    what you guys doing to tape up brick plinths when rendering... ? at moment bricks are damp in this weather and cant get anything to stick to it and need to top it. any ideas?
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    thin coat renderers needed

    after a gang in portsmouth to scrim and texture on render boards 900m2 in few weeks time. must have cscs and proven experience in thincoat systems
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    anyone who has used bauwer insulation system can you please pm me please... been to see a job to rectify.. would like some background advice
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    anyone who mainly renders (thincoats/mono/ewi). looking for full time work. based in Portsmouth pref who can skim aswell i may be looking for additional labour
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    bauwer fail

    ive been sent an sos picture from a new client any ideas whats happened here?
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    sto tocoat needed

    ive taken over a job from another render comtractor. got a lift finish.. but in need of a bucket of topcoat. can anyome get me a tub sharpish delivered if i give colour code please?
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    has anyone sprayed duro or forte from l*m*-g***n ? water settings on ritmo L?
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    im on grand designs tonight

    well my work is.. the hampshire home. stone and flint house estate.
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    labourer wanted full time

    labourer wanted full time for rendering and plastering. chance to learn the trade . must be portsmouth based and willing to learn and work.
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    sto white topcoat

    anyone around west sussex have any white sto topcoat around. i need 1 hawkfull to do a repair. can anyome help me out?
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    skimming winchester

    need one or 2 spreads for a skim job in winchester. all on board. been let down today . 300 odd ready to go niw
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    pre bagged ocr.

    whats peoples choice in ocr sprayable? ive got 2 newbuilds wanting sand cement but am i fook handballing 480m2.
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    full time rendering improver

    looking for someone full time basis on render team. based in Portsmouth. experience in mono and thincoats pref and internal plastering
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    renderer wanted full time

    looking for a renderer to join us full time using thincoat and mono renders. based in portsmouth
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    whats your scratch render of choice?

    regardless of price or availability.. if you walked into merchants and all brands were stacked side by side same price per m2... what would you go for?
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    sto levell cote

    anyone used it through a ritmo? any good? water settings? ive heard couple ways to finish it in prep for 1.5mm 7mm scratchcoat with mesh then a 3mm coat next day sponged. other way is scrim slurry and spat like other thincoat products
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    anyone fancy this?

    i need this staircase venetianed or micro.. jobs in petersfield hampshire.
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    weber floor

    ive got 20 bags weber floor 4160. fresh bags not needed anymore. costs 12quid plus vat. make us an offer
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    subbie forms

    do anyone of you use su contractor forms for any subbies carrying out works for you? im using more and more subbies wanna get some forms in place
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    Portsmouth based labourer wanted

    im.after a lad in Portsmouth to join a rendering team.. you will learn on the way but begining will be window protection knocking up machine loading van loading... general labour duties but we will do our best to teach the trade and get you on a trowel. any interest please pm.. Thanks
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    parlumiere Fin

    Has anyone got a bag lying around i could grab for a sample panel... cant find anywhere who has in stock... dont care what colour
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    fassa render

    has anyone used fassa k1710... any tips? how long before finishing.. whats your method on finishing? its being topped with s605
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    your opinion matters

    im.after a pre bagged lime render i can spray... pref coloured... and can embedd mesh into... the client doesnt want to see beading. but cant be arsed to batten 10 million windows out. last projext i used baumit mp69. scratched it like a mono. then rk79 4mm and sponge.. the rk was a bitch to...
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    weber 4360 for sale

    after builder f**k**g about and i bring special order on. so i now.have approx 70 bags delivered today so still fresh on pallet. cost me 9.50 plus vat. yours for 7.50 cash a bag in portsmouth but can deliver locally in hampshire
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    screed tripods

    anyone in portsmouth area got any tripods and a dab bar i could rent for a day so i havent gotta shell out for them as its a one off job...
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    splitting a floor

    i have a fair size latex pour next week. room is 40m2 but range in thickness from 30mm to 60mm. im using weber rapid base flow so i wanna split floor in two. i saw on a job last year some polish used some sort of trim to set up bays... anyone know what or where i can get these. or any other ideas?
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    10m air hose

    as above... i can find 5m and 16m but not 10m airhose for ritmo
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    basecoating ewi with ritmo

    im a newbie with the machine side... so today we sprayed jlm onto eps... set the water at 200. speed 8... definetly an art to keep it thin and cover the surface... was still wet at 1pm. to start meshing it.. i dont know how lads spray small plots and make money as its a next day slurry in my...
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    k1 whitw for sale

    got 20 bags left over. all fresh from monday delivery. getting rid as my next krend been put back for a month. anyone in pompey area or guildford want them. to forum users 80quid
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    texture gun

    im after a texture gun for the ritmo to spray silicone... advice welcome on cost. where to buy or if anyone selling
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    liquid screed

    anyone used liquid screed from a company...? what a rip off... asked for a price... got a price for 50mm. want paying before the job day before they came to set up...(insulation by builder).. 2 days after i get a bill for 500quid saying there was extra depth.... nothing was mentioned...
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    house with heave

    has anyone come across a house with or had heave? im viewing a house that has had heave and has had underpinning. agents said they are unsure about mortgages on it at momemt... anyone with experience?
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    ewi hampshire gangs

    im interested in speaking to some gangs in hampshire with a potential project coming up... offering 1 or 2 houses a week ewi. please message me
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    apprentice wanted portsmouth

    as above we are looking to take on a college attendee for 4 days on site 1 day at college in plastering. this will be our 2nd apprentice with our 1st one now been qualified for a year and still with us. our work is one off bespoke newbuilds. refurbishments and extensions. youll learn all...
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    virgin v uktv

    anyone else a virgin customer......
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    southampton work

    im after a gang for a new nursing home. ground floor only... skim ceilings float set walls. £4 skimming board £8.5 float and set... must have cscs cards proof of previous work.. clean workers.. neat clean sockets and skirting lines. any chancers will be removed there and then. plasterers...
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    when the builder says......

    only small.amount of work....
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    kitchen reskim

    anyone in kt5 surbiton want to reskim a kitchen?
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    any limeys

    any lime companies in gloucestershire price me a 100m lath and lime job please. please pm me or 07944397356
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    death by drugs

    A festival in Portsmouth less than half a.mile away and.only been going for a few years... has been cancelled today as an 18yr old girl and 20yr lad has died taking a drug.. 15 others being treated... festivals taking a 100 percent door search when drugs get through with ease...