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    Weber ocr

    Been offered a job in Manchester,3000m2 Weber ocr 15mm stainless beads,stop beads top and bottom and expansions every 5m it's a on site for a contractor what's price should be looking at? Just after a ballpark figure.we usually render on smaller jobs mainly private when we're on big sites...
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    Semi flex rule

    has anyone got a refina semi flex rule I've seen them on their site but can't find them to order it says it's an interchangeable semi flexible blade for flattening and a super flex blade for finishing,was thinkin of ordering a super flex rule but thought this might be a better option.
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    Airless spray plaster

    Just trying to find out info on airless spray plaster and if it's worth using/buying a machine.can u get through more metres per day (including turning back sanding) is the finish as good or better than bg board finish my work is mainly new houses or high rise student accommodation/city centre...