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    Ewi store??

    prices are good. used them few times until my rep went on hols and i was told i didnt have a credit account when i had been on invoices for 6momths already.... so took business elsewhere
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    Hi all. I’m Mark from Heritage Lime. I’ve just bought the Ritmo slimline and would like advise on a suitable lime base product to put through it.

    ring martin brown he will know. he ha mentioned on hes sprayed one of the products. not sure what he used
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    i do like chickens and lego...... whats your name? dont think its big steve hammer on
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    are you? lol
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    Any idea the cause of the damp?

    its a spongy thermal membrane. 4mm thick. you glue it on like tiles with a notch trowel then multifinish on top
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    Any idea the cause of the damp?

    condensation get tricklevents in windows. i would line the walls with wykamol iso therm and reskim
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    Thin coat

    its sponged finish. we topcoated on that
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    Thin coat

    i spat over insulation. sponge ocr over blockwork
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    Plasterboard on window/door frames - any advice?

    someone didnt take into.account battening out a wall. the old 100mm mistake..
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    Did man utd win

    i heard it was a close game
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    Rain what to do next

    if youve got room for 10mm on the beads. yes you can lay on min 12mm scrape to 10
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    Rain what to do next

    5mm is not thick enough for a final coat. 10mm min
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    Anyone south coast- Eastbourne way?

    Thanks bud but bit far for me... im Portsmouth
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    Increased scaffolding costs

    im inpressed he got it up there
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    Ocr preferred choice

    they are all prone to it. i use jub carbon base. not the cheapest.... but its fine. i did have mirco cracking last week but was south facing and 1st area rubbed went white before i got to the end
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    used it over a k1710 which in the winter we scraped next day as a scratch render finish then toppes with the s605
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    only a 4mm sponge finish
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    ive used the s605 but sponged finish
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    orbital fastners on line. alot cheaper than screwfix. get 4.5 or 5mm guage as stainless tend to round off or snap if too small
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    Getting stuck in

    im just about to take on a 4th 1 ive had for 6 years. he has a van from is and does jobs on own. got 2 that have just completed level 2. so now looking for another one to sit with our year 6 lad
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    Usyk vs Joshua

    Joshua is no sportsman. walking off without interview. sore loser blame it on injury.... the d head
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    Sealer for thin coat

    guard industries do a sealer.
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    Weber pal m chalk

    jewsons stock and minsters if you have one.
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    Weber pal m chalk

    where in northwest? if you can deal with pallet delivery amaroc stocks i think
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    Renderers needed..south london/kent

    what happened to the polax you had lined up mate
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    Solar Panels

    i dont know mate. my mates firm i fareham has company who installs. give me a bell if you wanna talk through with him
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    Renderers needed..south london/kent

    like rocking horse s**t mate
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    Overboarding - edge treatment

    stick an architrave to the apron.. couple mm lower than the skim depth. so you got an edge to finish to
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    Monocouche reveals

    a square marhin trowel. and bottom 1st. so can square off the frame then take a few swipes at cutting back. then use a 600mm spat. that way can check for flat ness
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    Kick in the nuts

    happens to the best of us mate... not me though... im perfect. Just a perk of the job im afraid.
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    Who's right about this plastering/rendering: my builder or "the one with the attitude problem" ?

    no one is wrong. your builder is prob just old school. it wont do any harm using sand cement for walls. look at any old house and the make up. new builds are mainly plasterboard nowadays. as for external. a patch job may be all can be budgeted for.
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    I’m back

    thatl be polish developers
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    I’m back

    geez. is that round here ash?
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    Bauwer light compatible with other lime product

    dont touch bauwer...... youll regret it
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    Monocouche polymer render

    old works should have a basscoat and mesh. new works not so much. we install basecoat and mesh as standard on all our works
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    s**t tip

    yeah its s**t ideally want 20 x20ft ish.
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    s**t tip

    im on look out for a small unit. but nothing small enough round here. either a garage/container. or unit thatl cost 1k plus a month... nobody seems to cater for small outfits
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    s**t tip

    yep.. and ive got 2 pallets of bags to get in there yet
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    who f**ked this one up then?
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    Patching thin coat

    will prob take a couple passes not too early or will bulge and sag
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    Tyrolene render finish - is this normal?

    they have sprayed direct to blockwork. no base layer
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    New PRB stockists

    ooo one in pompey... reminds me ryan.. whos best for a lime spec on fibre board
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    Thin coat silicone renderers wanted

    your not wrong there mate... all fair game
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    Thin coat silicone renderers wanted

    im after a gang to do a job for me in chichester area. 155m2 bungalow refurb and boundary walls. so 155m2 total will be in jub 1.5mm finish. be ready begining of sept. must be experienced and clean. materials provided. pay 7 day terms
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    Power float

    ive got couple tradwise. as said above.... serrate wall flat. pick up a bit. power sponge a gable in mins. then use a fine refina jointing sponge to close it in as a finish or ready for silicone
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    How to deal with this?

    you need to prime the brick before.render. sbr and cement slurry brushed on so its a key