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    Weber ocr

    Ok thanks
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    Weber ocr

    Been offered a job in Manchester,3000m2 Weber ocr 15mm stainless beads,stop beads top and bottom and expansions every 5m it's a on site for a contractor what's price should be looking at? Just after a ballpark figure.we usually render on smaller jobs mainly private when we're on big sites...
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    New van time anybody got a new trafic/vivaro?

    I have the new shape Vauxhall vivaro lwb crew cab it's been spot on so far (touch wood) excellent mpg very comfy.had it 6 months now and had no problems.brilliant to drive with cruise control sat mav,reversing sensors and blue tooth for ur phone it's been a lot better for sorting stuff out when...
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    Spraying Knauf mp finish

    I spoke to one of the Knauf reps about 18 months ago when we were doin houses with mp and he said it's not worth using a machine on houses it's more suited to commercial work.also spraying the gear on doesn't mean you can magically trowel up twice as much as you used too! I was considering it...
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    Semi flex rule

    Found it now and it's not what I thought it was
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    Semi flex rule

    has anyone got a refina semi flex rule I've seen them on their site but can't find them to order it says it's an interchangeable semi flexible blade for flattening and a super flex blade for finishing,was thinkin of ordering a super flex rule but thought this might be a better option.
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    Airless spray plaster

    That thought had crossed my mind scottie5 don't know weather we've got to move with the times or hold out!
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    Airless spray plaster

    Just trying to find out info on airless spray plaster and if it's worth using/buying a machine.can u get through more metres per day (including turning back sanding) is the finish as good or better than bg board finish my work is mainly new houses or high rise student accommodation/city centre...
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    refina s*p*r*lex trowels

    I use an 18" super flex and its sh@& hot! Everyone I've let have a go have gone and got one for themselves,really nice for troweling still like putting on and flattening with 18" marshalltown though. Seen the Nela trowels a lad I was workin with bought one and it looked good quality but...
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    trowel protection

    Mine are for super flex trowels coz they nick easy the marshal town that's in it was just for a for the price,they're cheaper than the Refina pouches at 19 quid. All double stitched very well made worth the money for decent quality
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    Poor standard of funded work

    Just reading through this thread for a nosey and it's shocking seeing some of the photos of the work left behind.i'm not experienced with Ewi but was offered some work a year or so ago through a lad who used to work for me on these funded council jobs.i went along to gain experience with a view...
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    Got it

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    Got it

    Ok thanks,only realised how old the post was as I pressed reply!
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    Got it

    Hey there just been reading through the machine plastering posts and was wondering which machine theclemo uses as u say yours doesn't mix just spray,never posted on here before and didn't know how to directly message someone sorry.