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    Anyone in or around the area doing EWI ? Some quotes are needed for a house PM me some contact numbers please
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    Spraying Machine

    Which machine would I need for spraying Febond/plasprime?
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    Newcastle Area

    Can anyone in or around that area recommend a good reliable Roofer? Brian
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    Anyone in MK

    Do you know anything about a firm called HMPL?? Good, Bad??
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    Off Topic Forum

    There's no Off Topic Forum/ The Plasterers Pub here, or have I missed something
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    Morning All

    Just a quick hi Been in Drywall since 1980, Brickie by my original trade, started off boarding, and have picked up, and done most of the Drywall systems, Office partitioning, Suspended Ceiling systems, Machine and Hand Jointing, and Skimming. Now have a small business with my son doing mostly...