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  1. Cockney1

    Did the??

    Yids win tonight??? @superspread :risas:
  2. Cockney1


    I’m forever blowing bubbles!!! Irons irons irons!!! :laola: :numberone: :cool:(y):ROFLMAO:
  3. Cockney1

    Football score

    Anyone know the West Ham result yesterday? I’ve been away all weekend. @superspread ???
  4. Cockney1

    Fight night!

    Anyone on it? Leeds is gonna be bouncing tonight! :boxeador::birra:
  5. Cockney1


    Anyone know the West Ham score?? There’s been a power cut putting all of Cyprus in darkness.
  6. Cockney1

    Biggest team in London!

    IRONS!!! :birra::bailando:
  7. Cockney1

    Happy Hammers!

    COYI’s!!! :fuckyou: @superspread :LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL: :bailando::birra:
  8. Cockney1

    Cockney Boys!

    Are f**k**g smashing it!!!! :laola: :birras::bailando:
  9. Cockney1


    @smoother09 or anyone else know the footy results tonight? I’m in a no signal area @John j
  10. Cockney1


    Anyone do any good tonight? I had Joyce at 100/1 :laola:
  11. Cockney1

    Morning Casper!

    Morning Casper!!
  12. Cockney1


    Yeah baby, Let’s go!!! :bailando:
  13. Cockney1

    For Algee!

  14. Cockney1

    Helpful tips on staying active!

    In this strange and ever changing time we all need to try our best to keep active, especially all our fellow spreads because of all the physical graft that we do regularly day in day out! I hope this helps?
  15. Cockney1

    Fury vs Wilder 2

    Who’s looking forward to it? Personally I really can’t wait for this one and hope the gypsy king peppers the dosser to death and puts him to bed!!
  16. Cockney1

    The gypsy king!

    Fury is back in action tonight! 1 step closer to that rematch with wilder who imo he’s already beat! Come on the gypsy king! Get up there my boy!
  17. Cockney1

    The Gypsy King!

    Get up there my boy! The real champ is in action tomorrow night! Who’s on it?
  18. Cockney1

    Women’s World Cup!

    It’s a load of b*ll***s! Lol.
  19. Cockney1

    Multi finish sponsored by wrigleys!

    So I went to b&q to get some gear this morning (I never really use them) and see that they had the new coloured bags of multi (dark red) and thought hey ho I’d give it a go because it might be slightly better than the usual s**t in the original orange bags. Proper s**t out! What a load of utter...
  20. Cockney1

    Tools left on unsecured site.

    It’s doing my nut in keep taking my important (expensive) tools off site after every day. How many of you would take or leave your tools on an unsecured site?
  21. Cockney1


    Anyone know of any decent sites to stream live footy, preferably compatible with Apple devices? Cheers! (y)
  22. Cockney1

    Usyk vs Bellew

    Who’s all over this tonight? I can’t wait, I’ll be screaming at the box later. Lol
  23. Cockney1

    2nd coat of skim popped off?

    Hey u guys! So here we go! (Sorry in advance for the waffling lol). I went to look at a job on my way home tonight what had already been skimmed by another local spread, The customer has noticed that after he has painted it all it sounds hollow in a few places and it has popped off in a few...