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    Board finish

    Spreads, Was wondering if I could get some advice. I have had to form internal curves on 6 ceilings with bonding coat. I see on the bag it says not to use on dry undercoats but if I pva the bonding is it ok to use board finish over the treated bonding? As then its a low suction background? I...
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    Fellow spreads. Sorry Im a bit of a drifter on this site. I seem to write a post once every year or so haha Sorry Im not quite as commited you lot and it maybe cheeky posting a thread but have a real headache with multi finish at the moment that Im hoping that you can help me with. Iv...
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    Lime solo

    Anyone used Lime solo one coat plaster before? Never used it before but had to price a barn conversion and the clients want this used. f**k nos why as its on board anyways. Think its just for the authentic look
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    Back in the game

    Hi everyone. Im Im Chris from Totnes area in devon. Been self employed/subby once before but had to go employed in 2013 as the ball and chain wanted to get a mortage! (Spose i wanted to a little bit) Been on the property ladder now for a little over a year. I decided a few months after buying...
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    foilback plasterboard

    My girlfriend s dad (who is a builder) keeps trying to get me to dot and dab a wall in his house with half inch foilback. Iv never even tried to dot wuth it before. I keep telling him that it wont stick. He says hes seen someone do it before and its worked. It wont work. Im starting to question...
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    dry lining

    I dont no whether anyone else is finding this but over the past few years alot of the contracters I get work off are tape and jointing most of there site work now. Finding it hard finding commercial internal spread work now. Do ibtry and learn abit of tape and jointing. It cant be that hard can it?
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    new member

    Hi people. My names Chris Bowhay and I come from the south west of england. I live in a small town called Totnes which is close to the citys plymouth and exeter. I went to train in solid plaster plastering when I was 16 straight out of school and gained a nvq2 when I was 18 year of 2008. Iv...