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  1. zolco


    Thanks to @vfr12 and Kevin for giving us a hand on Saturday. And the rest of the gang who didn't show f**k off :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Sell sell sell

    Does anyone else get randoms trying to connect on LinkedIn and Facebook to push their salescrap? From fuel cards to websites and debt recovery to virtual assistants and the list goes on.
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    Party wall

    Went to see a job. Semi detached house, neighbours extensively refurbed their side then damaging next door neighbours walls. Now surveyor says that no power tools allowed to use :wtf: only hammer and chisel to take effected areas off as they would have to serve notice to neighbours due to the...
  4. zolco

    Purple thin coat

    Anyone on here done a small panel in purple/aubergine colour by any chance and could fire up a few images of it? Thanks
  5. zolco

    Vat changes

    Vat changes in 2019
  6. zolco

    Pft swing airless

    Anyone on here have a pft swing airless or knows someone who has one? I'm dying to see one in action. Thanks
  7. zolco


    Anyone on here happen to tile over wundafloor retrofit ufh? Their spec sheet is clear as but read controversial things online about it especially on tiling Dan's den Thanks
  8. zolco

    Festool vouchers

    This probably more for the multiturders I have 2 vouchers for a festool d*m**o DF500 and DF700 both £75 quid off. If anyone interested drop me a pm and I post it to you FOC
  9. zolco

    JCT minor works contract

    Quick question for those who do domestic. Do you use your own heads of terms regarding deposit, payments, exclusions, timescales etc or do you use JCT minor works contract?
  10. zolco

    Sunday antics

    Started subbing to an asbestos removal firm a while ago, money is good, things were plain sailing. This morning I got called in to do a quick patch repair. Access cut out by a subbie into thermalite blocks so they can remove asbestos from the service shaft, framework done by another subbie...
  11. zolco

    Pft swing m

    Does anyone know if the pft swing M is capable of spraying airless plaster or is it just a conveying pump, limited literature online about it. Thanks Zol
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    Have jewsons down the road where I'm working at the minute, was lazy to get some stop beads out this morning from the lock up so pulled in to jewsons to get a few, paid £25.98 for 5 beads with discount :rayos:. Scandalous to say the least
  13. zolco

    Parex parlumiere fin

    Parex specced parlumiere clair basecoat with tv10 mesh then fin on top, now I have to present a panel to BC for planning. If I put micro on aquapanel then the parlumiere Clair then top it with parlumiere fin would that be good enough to show the finished product for BC or will that fail by the...
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    Any second hand ritmos for sale?
  15. zolco

    It's started

    First call at 10am this morning to repair some walls after festivities gone overboard pmsl. With all the can you come today pmsl Brace yourselves lol
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    Looking for work

    If anyone need an extra set of hands from 30th onwards drop me a pm home counties and north of the Thames preferred Thanks (y)
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    Don't suppose anyone would have a copy of a planning application submitted to any local authority to gain planning in a conservation area to render a house.
  18. zolco

    I love a bit of boarding, I do

    this a small hallway, 3 men tacking it all day Tuesday, the result speak for itself, neat cuts, perfect in every possible way.
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    Just wondering what's everyone's view on slagging other people's work. Been to look at a few jobs recently where owners weren't keen on the finished article. They call you out to quote then they present you with the finished job, with no intention of hiring you, they just either want to knock...
  20. zolco

    Micro or Venetian?

    Hi lads, What's best to use for an ensuite, micro or Venetian? How soon you can cover a freshly skimmed wall over with either? I'm looking at isomat micro at the minute, or any other recommendations? Cheers Zol
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    Ewi samples

    Anyone know if the manufacturers can supply EWI sample boards for planning purposes or is it better if I knock a few out myself and save the hassle pestering them? Unfortunately colour sample book not good enough with detailed drawings in this case. Tia!
  22. zolco

    rant alert

    Went to see a job a while back, tenant was complaining to landlord about damp, so arranged to visit the property. Victorian style property, no cavity in place, all windows and doors replaced to double glazed UPVC units, with no trickle vents in place. When looking around, you can clearly see...
  23. zolco

    Price increase

    How`s everyone getting on with this year`s prices? I had a letter through back in December from EH Smith that prices will go up as much as 17%, so just had a gander on their special promotion and found that multi is £6.99+vat, they never been the cheapest tbh, but still that`s not a special...
  24. zolco

    Aquapanel bits

    If anyone in the know-how other than runswithscissors would share who supplies and what's its name of the ventilation section on the cross section below would be much appreciated Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  25. zolco


    Is anyone going next week Friday to the tool fair in kempton park racecourse. Only power tools tho no machines or anything to do with plastering
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    If you after some semi decent dustsheets, get yourself down to your local dulux decorator centre 12x12 £6+vat 12x9 £5+vat they not the basics ones there the double twill ones Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    The boys from Kent Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Guess the damp

    Any ideas how can an almost perfectly toilet seat shape damp patch can occur halfway up the wall, it's a cavity wall with no insulation, it's a hallway extension onto old original house with a sound flat roof, radiator almost underneath the damp patch. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  29. zolco

    Work wanted for upcoming week

    3 weeks of work just got put back with a few weeks and unable to pull anything else forward on such short notice so looking for something to do for next week as don't want to sit at home with the Mrs all day, so if you need a bucket bitch give me a shout. North London and Home Counties area...
  30. zolco

    Today's ordeal

    So how's everyone else today I'm having a great day so far, only 3 cats in the house and some nice chocolate chip cookies left behind by the customer Love the smell of a fresh day after holidays Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Theclemo range

    Just come across this, wonder if he'll release some pint glasses in the near future Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Free sample

    Walther Strong giving away free samples for liquid masking tape via their website if anyone interested Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  33. zolco

    Can you just skim over it? @theplasterman special

    Doing a few walls in a kitchen customer says we got the tiles off, can you just skim over please Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Hitachi tools

    Wonder if anyone could make use of the following: 2x18v combi drill, 1x18v impact drill, 1x18v angle grinder, 1xradio all the above comes with 3 batteries and 2 chargers in a Hitachi canvas bag, 1x24v sds drill with 2 batteries and charger in carry case. Fed up listing it on eBay for next to...
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  36. zolco

    Flow screed 40+m² wanted sl9 Gerrard's cross

    As above seeking quotes and/or recommendation for 40-45m² screed over ufh, dates mid to end of April. Gerrard's cross PM or call 07504680057 Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  37. zolco

    El cheapo

    There is some sika pva on offer 20L for £29.03 Inc vat and delivery on If you do a lot of framing Fischer came out with their collated nails they got 90mm ringshank 2200 Inc 2 gas cans at + delivery will fit paslode and hilti 1st fix nail guns Sent from my Nexus...
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    If anyone needs anything collected end of next week on the following route Vienna, Passau, Munich, Aachen, Brussels, Ghent, Calais let me know coming back with empty van, Max load 1T. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  39. zolco

    Basement tanking

    We have a property from the era of 1900s, building has a basement which extends over the front elevation under the pavement which used by public, thinking of membrane the lot, however I never seen membrane fitted on a ceiling before. Is it doable to be watertight? Or would you pick the paving up...
  40. zolco

    Fibrous work

    Friend of mine is struggling with her builder to get some cornice made up, they tried off site and failed. Looking for someone in Hertfordshire, berkhamsted area to recommend for her. She'd like to get it done asap. Its only an 8ft run. I'm a skimmer so no hope doing it myself.
  41. zolco

    Top cote

    Is any of you heard of anything like this just got through the post.
  42. zolco

    drywall sander

    can anyone of you recommend a mid range drywall sander with vac, don`t want to spend thousands but also don`t want one from LIDL.
  43. zolco


    Some of you maybe a landlord so this info maybe useful, from the 1st October 2015 it is mandatory to have a smoke alarm fitted 1 per floor level (if you got fire doors every fire door counts as 1 floor level), and carbon monoxide alarm 1 per unit, don`t have to be hard wired, battery operated...
  44. zolco

    London one off job

    Got this sent through today, I cannot make it, It might be a good one for someone on here, you`ll obviously have to get in touch with the customer and arrange things Contact information: Name: Miss Rugina Begum Address: Royal College Street City: London Postcode: NW1 0SE Telephone: 07947...
  45. zolco

    plasterboard prices

    Is any of you can recommend a steady supplier with rock bottom prices other than magnet? Find them cheapest around me at the moment. But was looking boards on the continent they 2000 x 1250 for 2 quid per sheet wondering if it's worth it getting it from there
  46. zolco

    rendering in Deal, Kent

    Hi all, Looking to get someone in to render this 2 bed semi for us in Deal, Kent, bang on the seaside, currently occupied by tenants, side and rear elevation can be done from flat roof, front elevation needs scaffolding up, 9 Windows and 1 door to negotiate, would like plastic beads as severe...
  47. zolco

    hello to all

    Thanks for having me as a member. I completed a plastering course a couple of years ago with Andy Marshall. been reading a few existing threads a while now, I'm probably not as skilled as many of you but always try me best. I live just between Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted but most of times...