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    EWI Domestic Houses in Cornwall

    Looking for a reputable and skilled EWI gang for properties in Cornwall ( St Austell and surrounding areas) All enabling works undertaken, In house delivery of materials, 90mm EPS with mineral render textured finish and paint. In house waste collections undertaken. Rates negotiable with...
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    Cornwall Labourer

    Full time position to join a multi skilled gang for internal/external plastering and EWI. Will consider apprenticeship if interested, St Austell based. nick 07796688713
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    25 Houses Chepstow, Board scrim dash

    Looking for an outfit to take this one on! 25 No-fines properties in Chepstow with additional extras for enabling /reinstatements. Materials brought to site and waste collected by others I need responses as soon as possible, or I will need to let this one go! Nick 07796688713
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    EWI Gangs For Long Term Contracts In Plymouth

    As per the thread title. Proven gangs for thin coat work in Plymouth, apparently this is the largest EWI scheme in the Country at the moment, so plenty to go at. We have been on this scheme for a month now, and need to ramp up production, so immediate starts available. Phone Nick or Clyde...
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    EWI Gangs Wanted In Cornwall

    As the thread title.... Pm me or phone Clyde on 07971479281 Long term contracts for the right sort..!​
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    Newquay for the Summer!

    Just testing the water for a domestic refurb project in Newquay for a mid June start. EWI thin coat silicone texture, gangs needed,must have a clean record(CRB Checked), be capable of full system to a good standard. CSCS, PL etc If interested PM me.
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    Krend Silicone Spray Dash receiver?

    Anyone ever use this stuff? We're having problems with the gear setting in the cradle, below the R&S on the M300, reducing flow and straining the mixer. Will spray ok for 20-30m2 from start up, but leave it any time, ie dropping between lifts etc, and it will spray for 5-6m2 , before...
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    Eze 24

    Bought one of these this week. What can i say!!!!!!!!!!? .............bloody awesome!!:RpS_thumbup:​
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    EWI Installers Cornwall & Plymouth

    I am looking for experienced and competent gangs for 2 large projects, one currently in progress and another shortly due to start. There will be approximately 6-12 mths work. Anyone interested please PM me for rates or phone clyde on 07971479281
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    Machine hire for bucket coat renders

    Question for Blones,Monkey or anyone in the know. Would there be machines like ritmo etc to hire for a week to spray bucket renders. If so, at what rates/cost/deposit? Would I need to prime if spraying? Backing coats have been sprayed, but never sprayed bucket, so i'm guessing a heads up...
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    Spraying Krend com rend s

    I have about 90m2 to do tomorrow on a boundary block wall using Comrend S spraygrade. Could I get away with spraying a splatter coat 5-6mm to act as scratch coat in the morning and topping and straightening late in afternoon, scraping first thing in morning. Was hoping to use 10mm beads, but...
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    Is my genny up to it?

    Will my Honda 10KVA VX620 be man enough to pump 35m. I use two hoses at the moment(25M) for backing scrim coats/slurry coats with no problems using M300. Will adding another 10m hose be ok for this, bearing in mind we are spraying wet and at 4-6mm or am i likely to have problems? Max height...
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    Thin Coat Renderers In Cornwall

    I have a project in Cornwall, which I am thinking of maybe subbing out due to existing work committments for mid January. There is approximately 800-900m2 using a Wetherby thin coat render system topped with silicone texture. The job would be suitable for a gang and not individual subbies...
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    Spray dash

    Hi All First post on this forum, but just looking for a bit of advice. I have the mtec 300, but need to put krend silicone spray dash receiver through it. Obviously it needs to be neat to receive the dash,but how do you guys achieve this neatness via spraying - rule it,flatten/spat it and...