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  1. Smurth1984


    Hi i have been asked if im able to mono render this.. Just to tidy it up as its at a special needs school and want to make use off it. was thinking normal rendaid process and webber pral m in there dark grey. Do ya reckon all would be ok. Thanks in advance guys
  2. Smurth1984

    Sound bloc boards

    Hi all. Doing this massive barn conversion and they have board the walls and ceilings in 15mm blue boards 3m for the height. They are sucking the shite out off the multi with no chance to flatten down or even get a decent hit inn. Any body else had this problem/best way to over come i thought...
  3. Smurth1984

    Floor screeder needed in Peterborough for an extension

    As above pm for details Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Smurth1984

    Any body for the 30th

    Hi need a hand on the 30th for a day skimming board work in Peterborough cash in hand Let us know please Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Smurth1984

    To hot

    To fecking hot to skim in this weather me n my mate did a 5 bag set and felt like we was in a wet t-s**t competition, Ball bag stuck to legs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Smurth1984


    Alright fellow spreads Any guys around Peterborough who are looking for some work Tacking & dabing Skimming. If so drop us a pm as need some good spreads Cheers
  7. Smurth1984

    multi finish setting times

    Hi all Is any body else having multi go proper quick atm? Cheers all God bless manchester
  8. Smurth1984

    Wot the feck

    hi been sent over to a house that has been rebdered well tried to be.. Don't you just love it when people say they can render and it looks like its been ruled of with a banana so having to bond the walls out and start again. Don't forget every body is a plasterer lol
  9. Smurth1984


    Hi Guys im having a few problems with my nela or multi atm It keeps tiger striping like f**k atm clean trowelling up water. yes Clean trowel. yes first coat layed on with mt flatted with refina spat new gear mixed up same as above on closeing in trowel with mt finish with nela HELP Cheers
  10. Smurth1984

    Refina stx410

    Hi all My mates machine what we used today took ages to get the gear on the walls & ceilings also found that the gear was starting to go off in hopper. Deffo quicker by hawk and trowel any ideas how to over come this. Was mixing 30lt a time sparying multi finish
  11. Smurth1984

    What size??

    Hi Whats the best size nozzle for spraying skim on a refina stx410 (6,8 mm) Cheers
  12. Smurth1984

    Damp still

    Hi guys Been to look at a job another plasterer has done patched a wall in about 700 wide 1m high The wall was back to bare brick. Customer said he hardwalled then skimmed it but that was 4 weeks ago. The floor is timber with a cavity wall. Was thinking of chopping off leaving for a week using...
  13. Smurth1984

    Mono in refina stx410

    Hi all Does anybody know if you can put krend weber pral though a stx410. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  14. Smurth1984

    refina buckets

    alrite lads just been on hand tools express and there knocking out refina buckets from 30lt to 110lt cheap as fcuk so if your after any + plus thought id give ya heads up plus free postage happy days :bananahappy:
  15. Smurth1984


    Alrite lads Put a few walls on today and forgot about the small wall it was just left half troweled up. Gonna reskim it tomorra. Wots it like reskiming over still damp multi and the best way to tackle it. Feel like a total nob but thats wot happens when u chase the
  16. Smurth1984

    Old hard wall

    Hi guys I have a room to re-skim.. The old plaster has just lifted off the old hard wall which is sound and well stuck all the old plaster has been removed. Just wondering if there is anything else apart from pva, ing to help kill the suction. Cheers lads
  17. Smurth1984

    Plaster needed

    Hi im looking for a plasterer to help us out on a 5 bed refurb job Bording/skimming Relpy to
  18. Smurth1984

    looking at machines

    Hi guys. Im all new to machines so go easymon me... Im looking at investing in a machine mainly for finish on to board etc. Are they quite easy to use and geto grips with? Do you put a whole room on? How many people to operate/finish the are. Been looking at some off currier plastering vids...
  19. Smurth1984

    refina drill

    Hi guys! Im looking at getting a new mixing drill. Been looking at the mm22 for knocking up skimming as my colomixer is almost dead any feed bak and best place/price around would be great.
  20. Smurth1984

    kraft trowels

    Was at builders merchant today and they had a stand with kraft trowels and tools, German made look quite smart. Any off you lads got one or used one. Cheers guys
  21. Smurth1984


    Whats going on with bonding coat at the mo picked up 3bags mixed it up and its like neat cement? I think its gone shite
  22. Smurth1984


    Hi all any body know where i can get some t-shirts made up at a good price as all i can find is vista print crap. Cheers guys :RpS_thumbsup:
  23. Smurth1984

    plasterer wanted

    Plasterer wanted to help me out for 2 days cash paid ceilings to skim over artex in peterborough. Pm for details. Smurth
  24. Smurth1984

    spat for sale

    Any body wanna buy an eze 1m spat with pole atachment. Used once flexi blade & standard blade perfect condition just can not get on with it
  25. Smurth1984

    dont rate it

    Got my eze spat. Dont rate it feels cheap and cheerful and the pole dont extend Shud off got the excalibur looks a better spat. So not to pleased with my eze :mad:
  26. Smurth1984


    N e body looking for work as a labour or improver in or near the peterborough area. Must drive and have a brain :RpS_lol: P.m me for details
  27. Smurth1984

    tacking lids?

    Hi guys how hard is it to tack lids with 9.5mm board with those board mates n e tips as my work mate broke his leg and im on ma jack :RpS_cursing: N e advise or help tacking lids would be great:RpS_thumbsup:
  28. Smurth1984


    Any body know where i can get some good strong mixing buckets from about 40litre a d not those felxi tubs. Thanks guys
  29. Smurth1984

    some advice please

    Been using a mates spat on a pole Wanna get ma self on from 1stop. Which is the best refina,eze,or excalibur. And advice would be great
  30. Smurth1984

    what a muppet

    Bloke who i work with well did!!! All he did was moan, wouldent mix up put his spot and stand in the smallest room, spend more time cleaning his trowel and when he does do any plastering he puts these stupid skin tight white jeans on with a white shirt and he loafers :-0 Then the room he done...
  31. Smurth1984

    helper every now and then.....

    Hi looking for a hand to plasterboard ceilings and jump on trowel. Got a contact with local firm so could be quite frequent. must drive have OWN tools can plasterboard and skim to a good standard work is around linconshire area. If interested p.m me Nick
  32. Smurth1984

    any body near peterborough

    Alrite fellow spreads any body near peterborough got owt work going. Finding it hard to get any phoned all cantacts and all quiet. Would be greatfull for any tip offs or a shout if you got anything. Thsnks lads Smurth
  33. Smurth1984

    Any work going.

    Arite lads hope you all good. Just been sh*t on by a guy who i do a lot off work for. was finishing a job friday for him and he said monday go to next house got a phone call at 4 and said he got no money and no more work.:mad: So if any of you lads have got any plastering work going or know...
  34. Smurth1984


    take it its a common problem for us plasterers (tennis elbow) has any on got any tried and tested treatments cuz im sounding like a tube off smarties when i walk LoL so any feedback would be great
  35. Smurth1984


    y carnt chippys fit door frames right always need dubbing out or never in line for ruling off. is it a northen thing or not
  36. Smurth1984


    Hi all hope your all well. Does any body use a speedskim. If so could you tell me what you think just watched the vid on youtube and it looks like more work with sockets and cables everywhere. Any info wud be great thanks:RpS_laugh:
  37. Smurth1984

    pulling inn???

    Hi all me n me work partner put 2lids on smallish and 5 walls in the same flat all on in one hit. after laying it in it would not pull in to get a 2nd hit on in time to finish before dark been using board finish on board work. Any ideas how to get it pull in quicker. or is it a poo time off...
  38. Smurth1984

    Work needed

    Hi im after some plastering work for to plasterers. High standard off work cover as plastering and rendering wil travel. Thanks for your time hope to hear from you. Nick 07712886998
  39. Smurth1984

    looking for work in Lincolnshire + cambridgeshire

    Hi me and my work partner or looking for plastering work as been let down on a contract. Please contact me 07712886998 Nick