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    Venetian plaster from mike wye & Asscociates

    Has anyone tried mike wye's venetian plaster & waxes? Just curious what people thought of it compared to the carrara and classic finishes cheers
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    Labourer/trainee plasterer wanted - london

    My mate from Grade A Plastering is currently looking for someone to start work with him asap. ideal for someone who has just finished a course or looking to get into plastering. Its a temporary position at the moment for about 5 weeks but it could be made permanent. You will be paid on a weekly...
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    2nd opinion on this one

    Hi Been asked about a job in a tower block on the third floor. Customer tells me the ceiling keeps cracking. Its been plastered a few times in the last couple of years. Guy tells me the cracks just keep appearing, some quite wide. He got a surveyor in and he told him the only way to elimate the...
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    Plastering a fire place

    The guy has took the old fire out so i need to float the facing wall and skim. The problem is where he has took the old fire place out, his misses wants it all nice and smooth as they are not putting a fire back in. She is using it to put some ornament in. the dimensions is under a metre square...
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    EML onto a brick wall

    When fixing EML to a painted brick wall, What is the correct method for applying this? Does there have to be a gap between the wall and the EML? I know when EML is fixed it has to move up with the plaster and then it moved down again so the plaster can go behind? Is there special...
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    Rendering a fireplace

    Been asked to take a look at a fireplace. They are having a new fireplace fitted and they need the back and sides of it rendered as the bricks are very old. Because this is a fire and obviously heat will generate. What is the correct method to do this job and what materials.... Thanks
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    Skimming on Moisture Resistant Plasterboards

    What does everyone do when skimming moisture resistant boards? I believe its the only boards you need to PVA before skimming? Im guessing you would PVA them 3-1 then hit when tacky? cheers
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    Stilts - Which ones?

    Im ordering a set of Marshalltown stilts tomorrow but was confused on which size? There is 18-30" or 24"-40"... Im thinking 24-40 might be too big on most domestics as im around 6ft anyway. The reason im asking is in my own house obviously u cant reach the ceilings on your own so I measured...
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    Rendering an extension - help needed

    Hi, Been given the go ahead on a rendering job. The extension is 7m long x 3m wide x 2.4 high. I have been asked to render the outside and inside of the extension. The outside of the extension has to be pebbledashed. After the inside is rendered I have to skim the walls also. Inside the...
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    Clip on thin coat beads!

    Has anyone seen the new clip on thincoat angle beads? I saw them in action last week. It looks identical to an normal bead only its got very small teeth on them. Say if you have an external angle or beading around a window, you measure and cut the bead. Place the bead onto the angle and...
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    Capital Goldtrowel course review

    I just finished a 5 day advanced solid plastering course at Goldtrowel this week and I would just like to say that I had a fantastic but very hard 5 days there. It was intense from start to finish. The end of last year, I completed a City and guilds course in a different training centre...
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    Working from left to right...or right to left

    When you apply backing coats (bonding/hardwall) or sand and cement as been right handed, what way do all of you work? As skimming is left to right, I was taught floating should be right to left? Was on a job at the weekend with a plasterer and he was floating left to right then skimmed it left...
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    Plaster on wood is no good....or is it?

    Just reading the last post about plastering and wood. The last post they were talking about removing the wooden beads and putting on thin coat beads before skimming which is fair enough and I know if you were floating an int/ext block wall above the window you normally have a wooden beam where...
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    another gloomy post - is everyone a plasterer?

    After completion of my city and guilds last month and a few privates alongside, the new beginning was in sight. I'm starting my NVQ next month and the pieces are slowly falling into place. The thing is after reading the last few posts on here i'm starting to think im wasting my time.. with most...
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    Bagging up lathe & Plaster

    The next time you pull down a lathe and plaster ceiling and you are alone and baggin it up.. Get an old 15L bucket from your van and cut the bottom out so its the same as the top. Getting a rubble bag and and push down to the floor, place the bucket into the bag. Start shoveling the debris...
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    patch or skim entire wall?

    I looked at a job yesterday for my mate. Its a flat 11 stories high. I have been asked to remove an electric fire and its surrounding wooden frame. A guy has already came and removed the actual fire( 2 bar heater) and made safe the cables. Now... Behind the aluminium sheet is about 50mm of...
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    Plastering and pva

    Yes another PVA debate...... I just wondered how you all know when and where to use PVA, back to basics I know but a little patience would be appreciated.. I mean I know a plasterer just knocks up PVA until its about 4/1 and uses 2 coats of that in all indoor plastering. Say if you were...
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    Internal rendering job -

    I did my first proper rendering job yesterday. It was an int/ext wall obviously. My mate was upstairs skimming and he said I could jump on the rendering. Its just a bit of guidance im after..... It was all hacked off a metre high. It was previously been injected because of a rising damp...
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    Overboarding artex - Finding the josts

    Just quick question, If I have to overboard an artex ceiling, How do I find the joists from one side of the ceiling to the other? Do you have to go the ceiling line, chop some out until I find a joist? Thanks
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    Rendering and pva?

    Can someone here please finalise this topic once and for all. On my course I was told never use PVA with rendering, just dampen with water... on the other hand I hear experienced plasteres saying they have been using PVA for rendering for years and no problems. i thought that PVA creates a skin...
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    10x10 ceiling....IN ONE HIT

    before we its not me doing it... today at work a customer asked me for a device which pumps water for plastering, I was a bit confused, i said to him whats it for and he said to keep the plaster alive... i said a spray bottle and he said no, its bigger and sprays a lot of water...
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    COLUMNS - help needed

    I have completed my city and guilds training and I am currently in the middle of my assesments which started on Saturday past and will end this Sunday. I am having problems passing columns. I need to render it let it dry and skim it... The problem is I need to line all 4 beads up. they have to...
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    here is a tip about thin coat angle beads run the back of a claw hammer straight down the bead say...after bonding, takes out both sides of the bead nice leaving your perfect line for the skim instead of scraping it continously, being uneven and so on........
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    External Rendering I am currently doing C&G in plastering, This is how I was shown how to render note, i have done this formula three times already and no cracking as of yet Test background for suction, clean wall and dampen with water slightly if needed then scratch coat....... Build your...
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    bonding the taper?

    Hi I was asked to do a job this week.. the ceiling is boarded with 8x4 12.5mm duplex plasterboard which is vapourshield. It is all tapered edge. When I skim it in the normal 2 coat fashion, what about the taper? Should i fill it with bonding level off, let dry then skim the ceiling? or just...
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    Ground Floor Bathroom - Render or dot and dab?

    Hi I have recently been asked to do a small groundfloor room that will be a bathroom. It has all been hacked back to the brickwork everywhere. Problem is the bricks are all over the place. In parts, especially the bottom of one of the walls is about 6 inches less than the rest of the wall, so...
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    Hello all

    Hi there, I have just joined this forum the other day and just saying hello really, had a quick browse through the forum, and it's just what I have been missing !! The Plan : I am 30 and currently doing my City and Guilds which I am almost finished. I have my 9 day module in end of October...