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    tadelakt substrates

    never heard so much s**t in all my life
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    Marmorino block work

    a finish called marmorino? marmorino what? By the look of it, its a medium grained marmorino or possibly a fine. I love the way everyone has a different name for it. Marmorino is a term used for what you are doing? Its like someone floating a wall in bonding and then someone asking you what is...
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    Plastic Trowels

    I bought one of the refina 16" plastics. I have lightly sanded it. After the 2nd coat picked up, I flattened it with the steel and then waited a bit and then crossed troweled the plastic over it, I am getting lines the whole way down the length of the the plastic right across the wall. i thought...
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    metal stud problems

    spot on, its British standards upto 4mm gap between boards, a lot of people overlook this and try get the boards as tight as possible
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    Majing good lime

    when you do knock it up remember to use a lime paint afterwards, as your decorator might not know, although its only chippings your repairing, the matt paint or whatever they will use will trap the moisture in the lime and not allow it to cabonate!
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    Heat proof plaster

    hydrated is perfect to use as long as the temp doesnt exceed 230oC
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    Heat proof plaster

    why not hydrated? can use victas plaster as well
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    a little advice please

    i dont understand wat u mean? u said it happens when u goto wax it? but it happens when you burnish it? anyway burnishing is when your closing the pores, meaning more shine.. it wont happen here its impossible and then you need to leave it at least 48 hours before waxing. bubbling appears on...
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    Market for Venetian marble plastering?

    do it mate, you wont regret it, Most people have done their venetian with goldtrowel, including myself. Ive been around a few training centres for this, all overpriced, and you get do do sample boards only? and most use acrylic venetian (which is s**t) But what happens after you leave the course...
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    Slurry mix

    i leave it dry and its fine, although it does say on the sbr to allow it to tack up. Thing about the tacking up is a maximum of 6mm can only be applied at a time due to a slump risk, i know a spread uses sbr for skimming, he applies it leaves it dry and comes back to it when he wants. I was on...
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    Slurry mix

    your house, some of the guys were telling me on here your living with some bird whos got 2 kids and got a house off the social? so you mean your birds house
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    Slurry mix

    thats big talk spunk, didnt know u had a van all the time u spend on
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    Slurry mix

    u dont... u leave it for 24hours to dry, id key the joints personally
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    re - rendering old farm house

    sorry render its a month 100% i tried to google it, difficult to find, but here is a website that says its 3mm a month, but thats that mix... lime itself is 1mm / month
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    re - rendering old farm house

    it does...lime carbonates 1 month per 1mm
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    thats mainly for floors tho... polsihed plaster is more disirable than taadelakt
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    thats the problem people have with the waterproofing side, coat of thompsons waterseal... than wax as normal...100% waterproof..tried and tested
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    Venetian Marble Polished Plasters Suppliers| Tool Suppliers | Dvds | Courses | Best UK Prices best gear in the country
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    Renovating plaster/limelight vs Traditional lime plaster

    ok, again a problem thats overlooked and needs a lot of thought.. A situation like this a lot of people would ..hack off, fix damp, (pointing, injecting etc) let plaster dry out - backing plaster - finish - job done.. technically yes but it goes a lot deeper than this.. you need to really think...
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    Hardwall thickness and application

    backing plasters can go upto 20-25mm, built up in coats (scratching in between), anything over 25mm will have to be supported with EML lathe, same with the other backing plasters as well, making sure there is no moisture in the wall as it will loose its strength. Float and set in the same day...
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    First House, first full hit of plastering. Advice please ;)

    Understand that Mark, but if you look through the rest of this post you will see others recomend dot and dab? How so you dab the boards?? yes u got it.... a gypsum product such as dri-wall adhesive, meaning its kinda the same principal as hardwall???? But anyway to get technical about solid...
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    First House, first full hit of plastering. Advice please ;)

    The question u have to ask yourself what are u trying to achieve here, in terms of thermal value and needing a high impact area i would avoid sand and cement as s&c has no thermal value whatsoever, although it is solid..however u will have to use s&c on the int/ext wall. Backing plaster in your...
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    multi finish over lime putty

    lime putty? thats hydrated lime mixed with water and allowed to hydrate for 6 months?? u wouldnt use that... its NHL u need like alf says
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    Venetian plaster from mike wye & Asscociates

    do you mean just the powdered marble dust
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    Venetian plaster from mike wye & Asscociates

    good replies lads, classic on top of velvet/inton sounds good CKJ - that stuff your talking about to finish in onw day, there is similar stuff on the decorative plastering website, i have seen the sample boards in the flesh a few weeks ago, they call it 24/7 u can finish it in a day
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    Venetian plaster from mike wye & Asscociates

    Has anyone tried mike wye's venetian plaster & waxes? Just curious what people thought of it compared to the carrara and classic finishes cheers
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    Labourer/trainee plasterer wanted - london

    My mate from Grade A Plastering is currently looking for someone to start work with him asap. ideal for someone who has just finished a course or looking to get into plastering. Its a temporary position at the moment for about 5 weeks but it could be made permanent. You will be paid on a weekly...
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    weight of tiles on dricoat

    your right maybe should have opted for sand and cement or the tile backing board, dri-coat is a renovating plaster mainly used on remedial / work such as rising damp
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    One for the Scottish lads

    ya beddy is out on his own about 12 months after the ol boy wouldnt give him a pay rise, but fair play
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    New video ive had made

    Well said flynnyman, was an excellent 5 days doing the venetian wasn't it? Was a good ol laugh as well Hope you enjoy your 2nd week (im jealous) just hope you can fit all those sample boards into your transit!!! When I got home im sure I was missing a few sample boards .....
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    Newby to venetian plastering.

    lol, what part are u from irish????
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    Newby to venetian plastering.

    lol, no problem Danny... I will look out for ya!! You will know me, I will be the one giving it large in the venetian room , thinking I know it all !!! lol
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    Newby to venetian plastering.

    serious !!! nice one, looking forward to meet you and flynny I was reading in another post that fynny is going to do a review on here after he finishes his 2 weeks... I hope im on top form @ GT as i dont want to end up at the wrong end of that review .. lol might get a few tips from...
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    Newby to venetian plastering.

    where u having a go Danny? You mean at home or u getting trained up? I'm off to Goldtrowel this Monday for a week of venetian !!!!
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    Newby to venetian plastering.

    Venetian Marble Plastering Courses, Polished Plastering, Marble Plastering Courses everything you need, all authentic, all their wax's is waterproof... speak to Andy
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    2nd opinion on this one

    thats what ive went with ... the BG gyplyner system, cheers
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    2nd opinion on this one

    Hi Been asked about a job in a tower block on the third floor. Customer tells me the ceiling keeps cracking. Its been plastered a few times in the last couple of years. Guy tells me the cracks just keep appearing, some quite wide. He got a surveyor in and he told him the only way to elimate the...
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    Rendering work

    just wondered was it k-rend system you were using or traditional S&C?
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    Need a hand with K REND in BRISTOL

    freeD .... i noticed u posted these pics on goldtrowel website?
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    render and set celcon blocks

    ya thats right im back... some of us have walls to plaster no time to be in here talking about it like some.... na serious, being tipping away, work seems to be out there... but im still part time selling the stuff as well (as u love to hear), hoping to go full time at it soon thats when im as...
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    render and set celcon blocks

    see what u mean freerider, but i use SBR 2/1 and harl it on dense backgrounds, but a thermalite block has a key might not be mechanical but its a key...SUCTION... I rendered the inside of an extension which was therms, soaked the wall down, then again before application.. nice thick scratch...
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    Skimming Hardibacker boards?

    the architect is a knob, hardibacker 12mm boards are for wet areas only like around shower/bath areas. Its a tile backing board for tiling and tiling only.. its got similar properties to the moisture resistant PB which is also not primed and designed for tiling.
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    render and set celcon blocks

    EXTERNAL : good soak down with water day b4 if possible, then lightly hose about 20 mins before scratch. BS is 5-1 for therms on the scractch coat (with feb/waterproofer), Then 6-1-1 (lime, no admixtures), no need for pva it remulifies in contact with water/render. Also if u soak them down and...
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    Siow the set down

    citric acid - tenner
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    what size screws for overboarding

    .. worst one i was one when I had to drop a the lid but the customer wanted to keep the cornice, so it was angle grinder all around the cornice.. I'm not joking, couldn't see a thing in front of me, after i dropped the lid I stepped outside the door for a breather customer reckoned i looked like...
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    bonding or dot n dab it

    looking at the pic .. definately s&c as its an external SOLID wall... these walls are prone to damp so has to be S&C as PB's and no gypsum product is waterproof (unless its renovating plaster). Are u sure they are eng bricks? strange to see on a wall like that.. If they are I would rake the...
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    dot n dab on painted wall

    Its a roll of acoustic insulation... Iso APR 1200 .. you have 25mm and 50mm On specs for this in the south east is 25mm and usually in scotland 50mm is used
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    Advice needed please

    na just borrowed lucius's one...