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  1. Ritch


    Easy mate 2 patch jobs on the way home
  2. Ritch

    Should hessian be nailed into lime render scratchcoat? (external)

    As soon as u said builder, that’s where you’ve gone wrong, get a company in that does traditional work. Limes piece of piss if u know what your doing
  3. Ritch

    Let it be, Let it bee!

    Hey up multiple account wankeer how’s your shitty patch jobs going in them grotty smack dens u work in. Careful round the needles u gingers bruise easy
  4. Ritch

    show me ya lime burns

    Coming from a ginger brummie chancer, you maggot, you no doubt came from a raging crack whore and a child molesting Asian. U dirty brummies
  5. Ritch


    Never seen or used them. U just want nice square board that cuts crisp how hard can it be. Yanks have got drywall on lock
  6. Ritch

    Let it be, Let it bee!

    Funniest thing I’ve heard all day, u can’t even line 2 beads together, u wouldn’t even make the top 100000000
  7. Ritch

    Let it be, Let it bee!

    Fuckk off lurpaki, your just a skimmer/patch specialist defo not in the top ten lol
  8. Ritch


    Gtec and knauf are the best, but I dabbed a kitchen up the other day, both walls/boards dead plumb but a slight gap in the corner the boards are pissed not square so there getting slack like bg, and the paper seems to delaminate a lot lately
  9. Ritch

    show me ya lime burns

    U should always dig that little lime worm out then it won’t burn down to the bone lol
  10. Ritch

    with hindsight , what would you change, but still in plastering

    Pink champs. That brings back some memories lol. Stinky paste that use to get u smashed, keep u up for days
  11. Ritch

    old school help from a chippie

    Would like to see most of the muppets on here attempt it. Don’t get y spreads always slag other spreads work off, very sad mentality , wet trade no ones perfect, looks good to me
  12. Ritch

    Newly plastered wall is bumpy.

    Turd. not even close
  13. Ritch

    Gone big today…on a fiver

    Fuckking hope so, biggest fraud in football. Got the biggest managers job in football, if he wasn’t in charge of United he wouldn’t even be considered for the norwhich job, fuckkk off back too molde the cunnt
  14. Ritch

    Priming blockwork

    What work quick so the render is drying/curing slowly lol
  15. Ritch

    Priming blockwork

    Regardless of putting less on. it sucks the life out of the render, surely a nice wet down and hard wall would be better ?, I hate rendering over thermal light. Give me a solid block any day
  16. Ritch

    Beadfix gone viral!!

    Tile adeshive is decent too, I always use to just use neat cement that’s good too, many ways to put external beads up defo not nails tho block works never good enough
  17. Ritch

    K render fine cracks

    Unbelievable they won’t take responsibility for that, shocking
  18. Ritch

    Beadfix gone viral!!

    It gets charged on to the customer and some so doesn’t really matter the price for 6quid
  19. Ritch

    Beadfix gone viral!!

    Sticks like shite is about 6 quid a tube. I use to use the pink grip but didn’t find it that great beads would slip etc. Not tried the yellow one tho, I’ll give it a bash
  20. Ritch

    Beadfix gone viral!!

    Can’t beat a good old clout. Or if no fixing, sticks like s**t turbo for me
  21. Ritch

    Cove 100

    Nice tight crisp internal over some tatty coving for me
  22. Ritch

    Cove 100

    Explains y he’s always putting coving up the wonky eyed sweaty
  23. Ritch

    Cove 100

    Coving sooo tacky and dated anyway, who the fuckk would want that in there house
  24. Ritch

    Media wall

    I did this one a while back and felt the same, every cubby hole was tiny, did my nut in. what’s the point of them can’t put f**k all in them lol
  25. Ritch


    Nice boobies
  26. Ritch

    Trainee renderer required,South london

    Good luck pal, but what your asking out of this current snowflake generation is rare as hens teeth, none of them want/like a bit of graft, there as wet as @Spudknit
  27. Ritch

    Trainee renderer required,South london

    Be a good opportunity for u patch monkey, learn all aspects rather then being a chancer skimmer.
  28. Ritch

    Corner trowel

    U can tell
  29. Ritch


    They certainly do I’m doing a new build for 2 brothers(chippys) and one of them is taking me fly fishing on his private lake lol, they got stupid money,
  30. Ritch


    Lol sorry to disappoint u grandad, I’ve had a misses 18 years this Halloween to be precise.
  31. Ritch


    Boxing expert, now forex trading analyst, and don’t forget patch plaster specialist lol
  32. Ritch

    I'm calling it

    I was correct on the outcome just not the round u brummie chancer, u know f**k all bout boxing just like plastering with your poxy little Dom patch jobs u dosser, proper casual u are
  33. Ritch

    Looking to get in the game

    150 a day for labour, have u even held a trowel before, the only blagger I know is @Spudknit he’d be your best bet to ask bud
  34. Ritch

    I'm calling it

    Can’t see it being a good fight going off the previous 2 , fury totally dominated him in both, total miss match. But u never know in heavyweight boxing
  35. Ritch

    I'm calling it

    He’s always got a punchers chance both coming in heavy but can only see fury banging him out fairly early. Let’s ask the boxing expert @Spudknit what he thinks he knows his boxing lol
  36. Ritch


    Get @Spudknit to do it, he loves shite monkey jobs
  37. Ritch

    Betting sites

  38. Ritch

    Work in Norway

    My banters bad all u go on about is my legs that you’ve never seen lol, how bout u get off the internet and go do your shitty patch jobs that any decent spread wouldn’t even entertain u dosser.
  39. Ritch

    Work in Norway

    I’m on the sauce every night grandad , u keep sipping your horlics while your misses is doing herself with her diamond encrusted dildo u pussyy hole bore fest. rlics
  40. Ritch

    Rendered needed!

  41. Ritch

    Work in Norway

    Fuckking slag
  42. Ritch

    Good night sleep

    Depends what u like, firm or soft just don’t skimp on one and you’ll be grand
  43. Ritch

    New Member

    @thehobo google it, trust me it’s a hawk ain’t no gayboard
  44. Ritch

    Save wasting these

    Can’t understand y he didn’t use nails on that wall, loads of good fixings, fecking weirdo
  45. Ritch

    New Member

    It’s a hawk end of
  46. Ritch

    Fiat ducato

    I’ve had a primastar 4years now, payed 3grand for it with 70k on the clock ain’t skipped a beat (touch wood) passed through mots no bother, know lads who have had brand new vans and had loads of problems. Its luck of the draw with vehicles new and old,
  47. Ritch

    Squid games

    I just watched shiny flakes bout a German kid making millions selling drugs from his bedroom on the dark web worth a watch
  48. Ritch

    Usyk vs Joshua

    Bottled what???. Your a weirdo on here with multiple accounts , y would anyone have a bet with u, u merchant.
  49. Ritch

    Usyk vs Joshua

    Jog on you casual, u know as much about boxing as u do plastering, feck all u brummie chancer