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  1. Ritch

    Casper internals lol

    I worked today to help a old boy out from the golf club to get his bungalow reskimed, and he had some other bloke there to do a day for him and check out his sexy internals lol.hes been a spread all his life a good 30years, don’t get it
  2. Ritch

    fecking builders lol

    hydrated lime used for lime rendering on a Manor House lol, biggest f**k up ive ever seen. 10k fuckk up lol
  3. Ritch

    Tennis elbow tip

    Just wrapped my handle with tennis grip tape, have to Change it now and again, so thought I’d put a pic up of my weapon. Big game changer for me I’ve struggled with tennis elbow in both arms and de quervain syndrome in my thumb/wrist for years and just putting that tape on the handle takes all...
  4. Ritch


    Revisited a job today and the worktop guys were there fitting the granite, not my cuppa tea but looked pretty cool
  5. Ritch

    New gadget

    One for the stilt haters, pretty cool tho
  6. Ritch


    what a good service they provide,I ordered another superprof twister (best spat/trowel I've ever bought) but they sent the comfort profile so I phoned them up about the order and he's gonna send a twister out and said I can keep the comfort as well happy days qaulity service ,unlike f**k**g...