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    Carta easy skim

    Anyone got one of these or just another gimmick?
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    Xtra light vs perma shape

    Just bought a 13x5 marshalltown xtra lite always used perma shapes what they like??
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    Artex fail

    Skimmed an artex ceiling recently and about a week later got a call saying the plaster has fell down.. I’ve done all the ceilings in his house and it’s only this 1 room I’ve had an issue with all 2 coat uni bond the night before and skim Went back to overboard it had a look in his loft and saw a...
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    Out of curiosity anyone been on holiday abroad recently? Or got somewhere booked? Normally go away every September and still want to but feeling it’s a bit naive
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    Advise k rend/ Weber

    Been plastering houses for about 3-4 years now (house bashing) been in the trade 7 years altogether only 25 but don’t want to be a one trick pony all my life I want to get all these render systems cracked to broaden my horizons and be a more complete plasterer Looking for some advise on any...
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    I need a heater for house bashing with no power on site and gear taking too long to go off anyone know where you can get a dewalt cordless heaters for sale in uk? Or any other cordless heaters anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
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    K Rend

    Have this small area to re render and will be doing it in K Rend. am still new to K Rend and have only ever done it onto new block work. Can you re render straight over the old (the old is solid) with some kind of primer? Or has it all got to come off and start fresh?
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    M2 Rates

    Wondering what m2 rates for skimming in London roughly are? Getting £3.80 at the minute in Suffolk