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    Really upset with my rendered house...

    Our house was rendered today whilst I was at work, I've just got home and where it's been raining the new wetherby silicone render is just dripping off the house onto my new door. The guy is very apologetic, but I just can't shake this mood now ☹️
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    Exterior lath and plaster...

    I need to remove some lath and plaster panels on the gable of my house and replace with something ready for wetherby silicone render in a few weeks. I was planning on using Wickes aqua panel, but I've noticed it says internal only. Can I use it or can I use a 6mm hardy backer board? Many...
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    Wetherby colour choice?!?

    Hey, We're due to have our house rendered in the next few weeks. We originally wanted monocouche in silver pearl, but we've been advised to use wetherby silicone render. But now we're stuck on the colours as there's just too many to choose from. We have about 50 samples, but it's hard to...
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    Bought and fitted the wrong plasterboard ☹️

    Hey, first post here, I've Just realized that I've fitted moisture board instead of sound board... Will this be ok to skim over and will it still reduce sound?? Many thanks, Ben.