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    Renderers labourer/improver wanted

    As above, looking for another addition to the team.full time position either on books or self employed. Cover all aspects of rendering, working on variety of different types of projects,chance of progression Ie getting on trowel, using different machines across north and West Yorkshire...
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    diesel pump

    any one after a diesel pump, just seen this for good money.
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    Nightmare machine day

    First day with ritmo l today, Gets it all out and set up, (after a lot of f**k me why is there so many leads etc off my other 2- were used to diesel pumps) plugs it into the supply on the job, kicks off the rcd, we mess about with it, nope still keeps tripping. Can't get hold of blones little...
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    Lad for rendering outfit

    As above looking for an addition to the squad, all traning given including on tools.full time position, hol pay etc. Carry out all aspects, based in Skipton, Harrogate area work across North and West Yorkshire. 07939 466883. Thanks.
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    Spread needed North leeds

    as title says, Need a competent lad next week for a few days on one of our jobs. Pm us or 07939 466883 Cheers Richard.
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    Renderers labourer/improver wanted

    Looking for a lad to jump on with us, To learn the ropes all kind of render systems. Rendering outfit based on North/ West Yorkshire border, Work Harrogate, Skipton, north Leeds kind of areas. Full Time position on our books. 07939 466883 Richard. Cheers.
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    spraying BL10

    This new parex Bl10 is good gear, used to have a mare spraying,but rules lovely like standard monorex and doesn't stiffen up in the laggings unlike the old bl10.
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    Like button

    What's happened to the like button Dan? Has it been done away with.
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    Grim project of the week.

    I'm pricing up an ewi render project a 6 floor tower block in Leeds at the moment, I went to have a look the other day, with the qs and the plans, we were walking around on the roof near the penthouse. I said to the qs how come where not entertaining rendering the penthouse, while I was peering...
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    parex render

    any lads that use parex, if your after non stock items of gear , get your order in by next Friday as they shut down for 3 weeks for Christmas plus a 2 week lead time plus delivery, could be 6 week to getting you powder otherwise, as Atherstone keeps very little in, this time of year.
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    big bad parex blanc [bl10]

    anyone else spray this regularly- i think its been done before on a thread somewhere,anyhow... sprayed it and it was setting in the pipes, etc just generally a menace to use, then it set rock hard over night.
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    Acrylic render surplus

    In the rendering bit, how about a preset sticky where lads can put there surplus acrylic render on . i have loads of odd half and full tubs left over from projects and if your ever short of a certain colour it can be expensive just to buy an odd tub more, parexs dpr is pushing a 100 quid a pale...
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    ox tools

    bought some gear of these the other day[id never heard of them before] got some trowels- guager, plastering trowel. the plastering trowel is one of the best ive used, well balanced and rivited more than marshalltown trowels. id say its of better quality than the equivalent marshalltown, and...
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    skimmer wanted

    as title, for skimming work in north yorkshire. on board, materials on site, were doing the acrylic rendering, dont have time for plastering. not mega yards couple of hundred metres. £3 a metre, payment by me, no retention guff. drop us a pm.
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    Mono job

    need a few lads to carry out a small mono job for us in Ripon north Yorkshire, about 90-100m metres, domestic extension,good access. labour only. drop us a pm.
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    posting pictures

    how do you post pictures up on here?
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    wheres that parex thread been moved to from the rendering section?
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    looking for labourer/improver. Were rendering contractors, mono, acrylics, ewi etc based on north/west yorkshire border but work all over yorkshire. on the books or self employed drop us a pm if you fit the bill.
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    plastering job in Harrogate north yorkshire

    evening ladies. looking for a gang[no individuals] to carry out some plastering for us, float and set,board and skim ceilings etc. at said location. Big house,fair bit to go at. where doing mono on the outside, but dont have time for internals or have any interest in doing the internals...
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    rendering in the rain

    how are other rendering outfits/individuals managing at the moment with the rain? here in north yorkshire, it has rained at some stage during the day for 3 and a half weeks now. and thats after a wet may and the wetest june on record. ive had to lay lads off yesterday for the first time ever...
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    parex Axel 3000

    anyone ever used this stuff in conjunction with monorex?
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    tesco rendering

    any one else seen this theyll be digging graves next.
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    renderer wanted

    im after someone thats a competant renderer, using monocouche, thin coat acrylics, thermal. Working in one of my gangs as part of a 2 and 1 on a day rate, on projects across North and West yorkshire. CSCS etc no chancers need apply. if you fit the bill drop us a pm. thanks.
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    render price increase

    found out today, all the big render boys are puting there prices up across the board, as of 1st feb next year. parex 4% weber 6% sto 7% :-0
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    rendering gloves

    does anyone have a good supplier for disposable latex gloves? cheers
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    labourer/improver wanted

    as above im looking for another lad to work with us we work all over north and west yorkshire,machine rendering, ill give all relevant training on machine etc, 07939 466883 Richard
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    permarock -permarend has anyone ever used this stuff before?
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    plasterers in leeds

    any lads after work in leeds area drop us a pm and ill pass details on, a lad that does bits of subbing for me says that a reruitment agency that hes currently working for are after lads to do patching in west yorkshire on a long term job.think itll only be sort of 12 quid an hour,but beats...
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    r and j post

    where did the r and j post get moved to,that someone posted?
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    im after 2 more lads to work for us.both posts full time ones for a machine labourer to work with my rendering/screeding gang.using the v2 [suitable training will be given.] working across the north of england. the others for a timeserved spread/dampproofer working across north and west...
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    suspended ceilings

    Does anyone have a rough idea of how much this costs per square metre supply and fix, using standard gypsum tiles. Just on with pricing for a bank fit out,and the downstairs area has been specified a suspended ceiling its about a 50 metre squared area.i wont be tackling it myself, ill sub it...
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    new part L regs

    Does anyone know any thing about the change in regs for part L i think.If you replace over a certain amount of external render on a property, do you have to install insulation this already in or coming in or just a proposal at the moment,seem to rember hearing about it.
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    plain faced render under a bell cast bead

    all right lads could do with a bit of advice with a puzzling problem never asked for any advice on here,but here goes we did some dashing a wihle ago september time, i got a call the other day saying the flashband around the perimeter under the bellcast bead had flaked off in places. went...
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    is this forum sponsored by a plastering course at the moment this forum should be an open forum and any one should be able to give there own personal opinions,as soon as the topic of courses comes up with any slight negative views it gets edited or closed or deleated,surely any opinion of a...
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    utiform v2 diesel

    Now then lads been offered one of these today its round about 10 month old mint and not so far from guy will jump on with us to show us how to use it etc. fella wants 15 grand for it. ill admit its new teritory for me is machine plastering but im looking to expand into it cos i seem...
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    dry dashing job

    Have a dashing job to finish in west yorkshire, just a couple of days for an expierienced lad to jump on with us, fairly flexible what days. £180 day rate if anyone can spare a couple of days sometime over next few week drop us a pm cheers
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    work in west yorkshire

    is there not a plasterers needing plasterers bit anymore or is that in special bit. anyhow, could do with a hand on a pebbledashing job in bradford west yorkshire while one of my lads is away on hol, if anyone is from that area just for a couple of days next week. good day rate, steady away...
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    got a bit of pebbledashing to do for first time in years soon.dont get a lot of call for it nowadays what mix ratio would you go in at would you go in at same as plain face rendering or a bit keaner i was thinking 3-1 scratch coat decent amount of waterproofer to kill suction,and a 4-1 butter...
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    is there not a lead section on this forum? the reason why i mention it is that where we are working at the moment bolton woods,bradford west yorks. LNT are building a new nursing home just at roof stage, might be worth walking on site to see whos doing plastering as i know an old spread...
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    new lad

    hello all a new lad here, looks some good banter on here looking forward to joining in.