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    Name and shame

    Petrol bomb his van! ;D
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    Stainless Steel Mesh!

    I think they're 2400 x 900.
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    Stainless Steel Mesh!

    I pay £9.20 for galvanised eml sheets mate from my local merchants.
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    Learn how to skim your house....

    What's he on!!!!!? :o
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    best additive for final coat

    It's a dry dash mate.
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    the mystical first drop

    I had one last week.... arrived at 730am....couldn't bloody believe it!!! First time for everything I suppose! 8)
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    First job

    ;D ;D! Seen some lazy bastards chucking their slop buckets out the windows.....only to be stopped their dollar till they've jet washed the building!! :o
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    First job

    Not my first job but was when I was learning, dropped a full hawk of gear down the site foreman's neck n shoulders!! Teach him to creep about, was working on a scaffold over stairwell, he was coming upstairs!! He eventually found the funny side!! ;D
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    OCR Convert.

    Yes mate, just like using hardwall!!! Piecea piss!! ;D
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    Cheers lads! ;D A slurry coat.
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    WTF is scudding? Is it the same as scutching? ;)
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    weber mono

    Cheers for that mate, didn't want to just slap it on and go for it without a bit of insight on it's proper use.
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    OCR Convert.

    Good prices for your gear, the only merchants round here to supply for me so have to use but suppose so does everyone else, so still competitive on local pricing. Be nice to get it for your price, works out meterage rates the same as sand & cement! It'd make sense to use OCR full time on those...
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    B and q trade counter - beware!

    Everytime I've been in B&Q they cost a bloody fortune!! They can keep their card, too much dollar for my likes!