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    Refina abs floaty thingy

    The refina diamond abs float (thin, wide grey float) any good on s&c?? Or just for ocr. (y)
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    Work light.

    funny that, I was looking for new lights and went for erbauer work lights from screwfix. 4 lights, 2 tripods for £100
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    Cracks on scratch coat?

    Its not ideal, and doubt he will give it another scratch. If its sound shouldn’t be an issue. What finish are you having? Id have concern if it was a float finish, not so much if it was pebble dash
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    Speed skim

    100%. 1200mm plastic one. got a steel one doesn't cut it for me but the plastic one is dare I say ALMOST essential.
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    Advice Sought ...

    Before I click on photos under threads like these I always say to myself ‘im sure its not that bad’. Thats bad. If you still want a complete smooth finish it’s unfortunately gonna need re rendering of some sorts. Some plasterers will apply silicone render on top on painted render like yours but...
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    Drying imperfections in new plaster.

    Was it plasterboard? Sometimes when the plasterboard is damaged and the paper comes off or if there is a hole in the old plaster and wasn’t pva’d it dries crazy fast and the plaster cracks like that, to which point the plasterer has a f**k it and loads up the cracked area with fat. Least thats...
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    Rend aid with sand and cement

    Rendaid is fine for sand and cement. As long as its applied leaving a good key. SBR slurry would also work.
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    sand cement over rendaid?

    im wary of rendergrip though is a thin film strong enough to hold 2 coats of render? I mean its basically blue grit init.
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    sand cement over rendaid?

    yes you can use rendaid give it a good stipple and scratch onto After a few days when fully cured.
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    Apps for quotes & invoices

    Bildu. Clean and easy. Works on laptop as well so you can work off both.
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    Van finance

    £165 actually smart arse.
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    Was expecting to use krend tc 15 but builder turned up with this. Not used it before but good Stuff apparently. Opinions on jub products? Wont be Using it for a while just curious what to expect
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    PVA onto plasterboard before plastering

    yes they will set too fast. i'm currently skimming boards been up 18 months, drier then a camels arse hole.
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    Kango recommendations.

    Any kango recommendations? Old makita just packed in, now discontinued. I've used the newer one, I like just interested in what everyone ells likes.