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    Working abroad

    Cheers danny. Worked away tons. Canada, holland Belgium france Gibraltar spain etc. I have a number for a dude in holland. But they are an agency. It isn't working away money they have local on their books as well as brits and any one else living and working there. It's about €40euro an hour...
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    Joddy Mixer machine

    I'm sure les lord was selling a pdt continuos mixer a week or so back . Or ian jones. Same thing only different
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    Site work North West

    We are 18yrs in so done all that. All about as many weekend breaks as possible with the family now . Weekends are last resort
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    Site work North West

    Aww man I've no chance . Playing catch up with work just been away for 2 weeks to get married. I try not to work weekends these days but needs must and all that. Thanks for the invite like
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    Site work North West

    What's this buddy. I only pop on here every now and again these days
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    Site work North West

    If this is Barry of nanson brothers. Hes a good egg. Done tons of skimming for them over the years good payers and money there on time every time
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    Shall I get this one.

    This i can vouche for as I bought the machine from john. And yeah I defo wanted to cover it in petrol the early days and set it on fire. But being patient ,lots of questions and trial and error got me there in the end
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    yes . not as good as wicks or flakes
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    Looking for plastering agencies in Netherlands

    Hi matt do you have a contact number please. ill forward you a couple numbers
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    fassa render

    go for it
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    fassa render

    big grain but wet it up with tbe spray nozzle on hose pipe and the power sponge closes it up nice
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    fassa render

    used tons of the gear mate its our go to product on all our suply jobs. Best gear for overnight. Also no slumping with their mono get 20mm plus in one pass easy
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    fassa render

    overnight yeah. Abit quicker than their mono but if you first pass in morning and second pass after lunch it will be bang on in morning bar and power sponge
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    fassa render

    i bar and sponge float pal. works a treat