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    A 3-2 L, r&s

    You need the flanges for both ends as above.
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    Yeah, I'll stick with doing liquids if it's all the same to you.
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    New Technical Manager joins PRB

    You're a barrel of laughs aren't ya.
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    Looking for a new collated screw gun

    Hilti. Everything else is s**t.
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    Render Advice

    I suspect that waters coming through the joints in the stones and possibly the stones themselves, there'll be a cavity tray positioned a course or so down carrying any water ingress to the facing blockwork and render.
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    Horizontal crack

    Wall ties corroded and causing hydraulic lift is generally the cause of horizontal cracking. If that is the case they'll need removing and replacing.
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    Fattest make of work clothes!

    Englebert Strauss, they have elasticated waistband too.
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    Van Lease

    Mugs game. Just buy one.
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    Go big or go home, Vincent. Sprinter is king of big vans.
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    Parex monorex stockist

    Tekfloor will have that.
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    Mono prices

    You must have missed the joke.
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    Mono prices

    14k per 60m²
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    Van finance

    Don't stop fighting lads, I was enjoying that.
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    Angle plane.