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    Patching up after rewire.

    I run masking down either side of channels day before if I can and lash with Pva. Tape boxes ect. Couple of double handfuls of bonding in multi and get as many done as possible in one hit. Just as setting get a wet multi over and pull tapes keeping wall clean and get moving around the lot...
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    Asbestos in artex - overboard vs skim

    I use magnet to find joists. Well it finds the nails.
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    Tesco, savers, B&m, The range, pound shop sell soda. Like this Baking soda or Bicarbonate soda works as same stuff.. Find old tool box with minimum water to cover blades and wang in...
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    Grit fail

    I always pva grit 3-1 ish however I'm not a fan of it. Prefer a polymer without the grit then pva over that. Never had a single fail yet fingers crossed. I hate applying grit
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    Pva problems

    £80 Bodged on £80 vac with power takeoff. Jobs a good un Great for white wash or distemper prior to sealing and no worries about plaster adhesion
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    Coving cracks

    Open up joints and seal with 50/50 pva although I prefer gardz or beeline sealer then toupret standard powdered filler thick. Get it right in joints
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    Pva problems

    Just sand off paste residue with 80grade on orbital sander as quick then pva. Other way is to use gardz as will neutralise paste when dry then pva and skim. giraffe sanders is £100 or cheap orbital from DIY bodged on vacuum but bigger the plate the better. 5 mins a wall is enough to get...
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    Working at height

    Hope that all gets fixed and back going again soon. Frightening accident. Speedy recovery there. Will you set off metal detectors now?
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    Mixed suction backgrounds

    I use gardz and let that dry, pva and skim. So many polymer / primers on them market. Just have to pick one and get a on with it
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    isothiazolinone in pva skin reaction

    After waiting nearly 2 years I had patch test at local hospital and I have a common allergy to methylisothiazolinone/ isothiazolinone and other names it goes under, but all the same stuff. It's in pva and paints. It's not the plaster so much causing skin troubles but more pva and other sealers...
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    Patching after electricians

    Lash all the dry edges of cut outs and ceiling board with Pva 3-1 and let it dry for a few hours. Use toupret powder and it won't crack.
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    Dewalt Toolstak/Toughsystem

    I also have tote boxes with folding lids. Cheap to buy and many sizes. They are the cheap option used
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    Pica pencil holder and sharpener

    @MakeItSmooth I'm just sorting my tools out. Looking for better kit and ways to store to hand plus carry less with me as a bit overrun with stuff. Getting up and down and running around ain't as easy now I'm getting older so need stuff to hand and pencils and tape measures seem to vanish in...
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    Pica pencil holder and sharpener

    Carpenters pencil holder and sharpener. Pica 505 Pica Pocket carpenter pencil. This is a mechanical pencil and you just swap lead in pencil toolstation sell similar...
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    Dewalt Toolstak/Toughsystem

    Stanley boxes fit the dewalt as same company, same clips and a bit cheaper Yeah they are good Or go with the Systainer boxes. Many brands and you can buy from a company that makes them but I think Stanley and...