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    Expansion joints

    Movement beads are specified to be set at every 6 to 8 metres with K Rend
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    K1 silicon

    Direct building supplies , travis Perkins ,Rowebb ,MKM
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    Scrape Render for New Build

    Hi nelis Get your applicator to get a spec from K Rend for the background to which you are applying the K Rend materials .
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    New one on me!

    Could it be Structherm,s structural cage system
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    LW1 render advice needed!

    I have just done another small job using LW1 used 10mm beads , 4 to 5 mum serrated scrim coat and them second pass 3mm over the beads. Again it was 15 hours later when I put the I bar over it, temp was around 6 . The material mixed well and I thought it was easy to apply. This was applied to EPS.
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    LW1 render advice needed!

    Looks good from here, did you mean silvery or slippery in your assessment,also I see you used Rockwool board was it Dual density or low density. Cheers
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    Insulated render - anyone used?

    Kaymo Check K Rends new range of Heritage lime renders and this Hemp lime binder Could be the answer
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    LW1 render advice needed!

    No mate , straight onto insulation or masonry
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    LW1 render advice needed!

    Good thing is , is that you already have a method in your mind . Good luck.
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    LW1 render advice needed!

    K Rend LW1 . Small area 5m2. Applied over EPS. Temperature 6c Materials mixed well and consistent and very light. Allowed material to set for 5 minutes and remixed for 5 mins. Laid on 6mm and used 4 foot serrated Darby . Laid in a scrim. Allowed first pass to pick up (maybe 1hour). Applied 2nd...
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    LW1 render advice needed!

    I am laying some on tomorrow, I will give my feedback over the weekend
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    new build house render

    Hello Merln6330 The mixed reviews you read are mostly down to poor application rather than the materials . I have been using K Rend for years and never had a problem and I have used Weber , Sto and other renders and never had a problem. Choose a render and then choose a good applicator , look at...
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    Re-doing Krend.

    Mix the R7 with HP12 and make a stipple coat and allow to dry , just enough to give you a key within your 10/12mm stop beads
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    Spraying. Brick effect mortar coat

    If you are using K Rend the spec says you can spray both coats , I guess it depends on the amount of area you are spraying and how you manage it. You could spray the brick face coat onto the mortar coat and flatten with a speedskim rule or similar.Dont mess about with the brick face coat too...
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    Weber pral.

    Primer and texture