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    Looking for a start in the Merseyside area

    Think he shagged Amy Turtle
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    Looking for a start in the Merseyside area

    Funniest comment I’ve read here for ages.
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    No swearing on this job

    The large unit is 4 bed. Only problem for me would be that you can’t see out of any windows as they are so high. I would’ve had a mezzanine in the bedrooms to see out of the velux windows. That one is about £400k. The upstairs apartment (2 bed is the only one with a view. That one is about...
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    No swearing on this job

    Nearly finished the second.
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    No swearing on this job

    First unit ready for the market.
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    Quality Persimmon homes

    Quality Persimmon Homes! An oxymoron if ever there was one
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    Splayed angles

    just watched the Habito corner video. It’s the same stuff. Used to be caller Gyproc No-Coat. Was hellish expensive £30-40 a box. Looks like Gyproc have rebranded it. Level line is slightly narrower. Still dear enough.
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    Splayed angles

    I’ve used tape on beads on Habito
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    Splayed angles

    Not seen the Habito beads/tape. Level line would do it though
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    virus, change of mind yet

    Still all b*ll***s as far as I’m concerned
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    Looking for work

    Includes van, fuel card, pension and 40 weeks paid holiday a year.
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    FFP3 masks

    The local shipyard have donated a number of these FFP3 masks to the care home that my partner manages. They aren’t suitable for the staff to use as they aren’t surgical. If any of you would like a couple, pm me your details and I’ll post them to you. Ideal when sanding and mixing.
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    LED Coving

    It will highlights every slight discrepancy in the plaster . Finish needs to be blemish free or it’ll look shite
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    Won’t get another

    Mix up on the green, without a sheet down, and fill the hole with plaster
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    Tool quality

    My dad who is 86, has tools that my grandad made in the 50sand 60s. Verniers, micrometers etc. They are like new. Wrapped in oily paper.