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    New plasterboard, breaks and paper tears from installation

    You should be using tapered edge plasterboards for taping & jointing. You’ll end up with a bump at every joint which will be exaggerated under certain lighting conditions. You should feather your joints out even further because of this. I suggest you visit YouTube for a few tips. Good luck.
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    Which plugs or bolts to use please

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    Best way to change a curved vaulted ceiling to a straight edged one.

    Cut it back with a multitool, re board with 15mm board which should be the same thickness as the original 12.5 and skim, tape and joint it using inverted Level line tape at the apex.
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    I loves double boarding.
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    Remove lining paper off lath and plaster walls and ceilings and re-plaster?

    That’s because you can’t see f**k all from them.
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    How to newly plaster walls after ceilings have been painted..?

    Get your Mrs to hold an umbrella above your trowel as you plaster, or stop a few inches short and put a wallpaper border around. Seen some nice Buzz Lightyear ones in B&Q. (Borders, not umbrellas) Hope this helps.
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    Plastering the new Bitcoin

    Must be annoying.
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    Plastering the new Bitcoin

    If I wasn’t busy I’d tack those houses for you
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    Plastering the new Bitcoin

    Read the tape, cut the board, screw it up. How hard is it?
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    Can plaster dry through the mist coat.

    Depends what you used. If you used vinyl emulsion, then you will trap moisture in.
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    Squid games

    I wasn’t going to watch it. Definitely won’t now. Need more shortcut videos like this.
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    Plastering advice please

    Turn the lights off for a start. Where do you go from here? Down to the lake I fear!
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    Can you dot n dab in bathrooms?

    I had an Auntie Joyce, but I never screwed boards to her.
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    Knauf Boards.

    Had a few delaminating lately. Wouldn’t want to dab with them.