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    Seven Steps to Gify Heaven (what a faff!)

    That's what I call "enough free time" lol
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    Congratulations you have won...

    Your phone may be infected:
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    Video upload

    Because he never embedded the video (by pressing Insert) after uploading it:
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    Video upload

    So you say it doesn't work but I see the video on your post..
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    Video upload

    Can you believe it is the same your wife says when we talk about you? What a coincidence!
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    Video upload

    because they are uploading the videos as attachment and not using the video bbcode on the editor: If you upload the video on this way or set the attachment to insert the video on the post, the player will show up:
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    Met clemo today

    EXIF PHP extension isn't enabled on the server. Please contact your hosting company and ask them to install it. This should be displayed on once the EXIF module is enabled:
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    New ritmo slimline ordered

    Can I help you, Sir?
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    Some poor

    Please let me know the specific attachments you are having problems with. I'm able to open the first attachment of this thread without issues
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    Some poor

    Are you sure? I see the first image OK
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    Just testing video upload button

    The other buttons have been already set up :)
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    The like Buttons

    The old reaction buttons don't work anymore. You have to pass the mouse over the Like button:
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    Just testing video upload button

    it works for me, I see the tv screen