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    Drive the screws in flat. Skim over them. Find them with strong magnet then let them out again. Only takes a minute.
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    No architrave question

    Use 75mm door linings set in the middle of the block work. Angle bead around either side of the opening.
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    Which trowels

    I float with a 14in, but when you get used to skimming with an 18in it makes life so much easier.
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    Which trowels

    18in ox stainless, Great for putting on. £30 on amazon.
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    Bestest product in the uk

    Wear gloves. I used to hate them until we were made to wear them. Love them now, the thin black ones £12 for 24 pairs on ebay.
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    She sings on grafton Street in Dublin.
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    Football score

    Levy and Conti could both start a fight in a phone box. Lol!
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    Basecoat Render

    If you asked Brad Pitt to shine a torch up his face, he would look like Herman Munster. No different with Render. Those soffit lights are a stupid idea.
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    Dont be fooled

    I used the white version that make, not fit for purpose. They should not be allowed to sell it. A builder I worked for had 24 rolls of the shite.
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    Hands up.....

    Have a Karlovačko for me.
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    Did you pull a steel trowel over it?
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    ragni trowel edge protectors

    Got mine on
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    ragni trowel edge protectors

    As Andy said they must be so cheap to produce. Should come as standard when you buy a trowel.
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    ragni trowel edge protectors

    £1 each is not bad. The postage is the killer.
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    ragni trowel edge protectors

    Well worth the money, very impressed.