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    Pft g4

    Are you spraying wetter than what you would hand applying? How long are you putting the hoses down for?
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    Garden Stairs Wall Rendering Advice

    The stairs lol
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    Garden Stairs Wall Rendering Advice

    That ain’t a bad shout actually
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    Army leaver

    Ffs that bloke was a right shithead
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    Thin coat job

    Just looked again and the boarding is dog sh1t with gaps everywhere I wouldn’t touch that with a manky cock
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    Thin coat job

    Don’t touch it, walk away. They’re phenolic boards that will fail they also look like they’ve been left exposed to wet weather. When they do fail and the render fails with it who’s gonna get the blame cus I guarantee you the customer won’t blame his boards or boarding
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    Hi all!

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    Bay window

    I’d be more concerned he’s put monocouche straight Onto ply
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    Whats on this wall

    Probably tarmac
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    Renderer from Australia

    The answer is yes
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    Hi smoother/badvock