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    Top coat

    Silicone, thread closed acrylic is for cheap ass chancers
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    Insulated plasterboard

    Dust extractor mate
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    Insulated plasterboard

    Circular saw all day long mate
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    Tax rebate

    But you have commented to it though, that’s got guilt written all over it
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    Rules of Plastering

    The first rule of plastering is nobody talks about plastering
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    Work hard Play Hard

    What you got @Vincey ? Camper or motor home?
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    Tax rebate

    I’d say hmrc have found some discrepancies. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if they’ve already started searching your name at dvla, land registry, how many banks accounts are in your name and your social media accounts, their definitely on your case It’s been nice knowing ya.
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    I’ve got an acoustic signed by Robert Johnson
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    Mtec 330 or g4

    What you planning on spraying?
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    Colated plastering screw gun

    Hilti. Peasants You’re welcome
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    Ritmo l plus wanted waiting .....also bennu gun pls.....

    What you planning on spraying with your machine?
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    External wall insulation

    It’s absolute s**t looks like they’ve dashed with the base coat and the beads should have been put on first and meshed over they will crack
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    Hopper gun

    I spray all my top coats now far better finish. Get your air set correctly and consistency with your gear quick fettle and your done no rubbing needed
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    External wall insulation

    Get some pictures up and I’ll tell you everything you need know
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    Eze spray caps

    What gun mate?