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    Middle age and slowing down

    37 did 3 days skimming last week to help a mate out and I can still feel it lol. f**k working its gay
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    Ritmo slimline.

    Ok when u get the water pump connected to the Machine. Open the water tap on the side of the machine fill a bucket of water make sure all air is out of the machine. Then press the water button on the back of the machine. Make sure the water hose on the front of the machine is not Connected to...
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    Iv been skimming. Its mad how the other half live
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    s*p*r*lex rippling

    Its only good for the last trowel
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    Lime or sand cement

    Sand and cement come in because its faster and cheaper. Just like boarding come in instead of floating but not as good
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    Lime or sand cement
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    Ritmo slimline.

    Do you know how to set it up.
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    Lime or sand cement

    Can get good lime render that's piss easy to use nice to edge and finish pre baged
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    Lime or sand cement

    I'd go lime in and out.
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    Render gun

    Yes if put most s**t through it lol
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    Ehi setting

    Iv not sprayed it but start 300 or 320 And take the water down till its right
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    M Tec pressure tester for sale

    That's just the clock for the machine. This is a pressure tester.
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    M Tec pressure tester for sale

    £200 I paid £90 for the pft one and thought that was day light robbery.
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    Ritmo xl

    Iv seen ramboo tools selling a xl