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    Solar Panels

    We have 8 on my house to it's looking good so far after a year I think I'll have a good look and I'll go for more
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    M-tec m200 machine

    go with someone that has one record them setting it up and cleaning it out there is your training iv did videos for people for the ritmo set up and clean down all flying using the machine after it
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    Strata mp025

    it's the mixing shaft tread closed. am great
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    240v render machine
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    Need help on job Top money paid

    c**t still didn't pay me the 50 yet
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    Bonding or Hardwall

    use smet Onecoat hardcoat projection plaster. mesh the timber
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    Ritmos L plus rotor/stator

    U should be fine just take the water settings down a bit as the r@s gets used more u should always have a spare one with u
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    Ritmo start up

    slimline u can't fill up with render on startup the machine won't jam if you do fill it up what happens is when spraying u get the render coming out the gun and every few seconds it stops coming out the gun and gos again. the ritmo l or m u can fill up the hopper b4 u start the machine
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    Ritmo start up

    It sure does I'd have to ask a mate where he gets it from he says it's the best of the best tho
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    Ritmo start up

    what ritmo is it
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    i it's gone mate sold it 6 months ago.
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    the smet Onecoat hardcoat projection plaster is sets 5 Newton
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    Joddy mix

    I sold my joddy it was OK for hardwall did the job
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    Joddy mix

    how much is the bg one and what is the covage a bag at 10mm and does it set 5 Newton like the smet Onecoat hardcoat projection plaster bet it doesn't the smet one works out around £11.50 a bag inc vat and delivery does 2.7m2 a bag at 10mm.