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    Pva problems

    Stabilising solution dries rapidly, then pva
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    good fun in the winter months to pick it up and play for a couple of hours
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    Definitely loads of different tutors on you tube nowadays I got a lesson once a week
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    acoustic and electric acoustic
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    Been playing for around 15 years
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    Polished/varnished woodwork

    Jif lemon juice in a bucket of water doesn't leave any residue when it dries.
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    Hop ups/work platforms

    Cut the legs to your required size on a platform
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    A job like that would be worth paying a QS and that way you couldn't lose
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    Evening all, weird one!

    Paramount boards popular in the 80s will need to watch that you put the toggles between the egg formation
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    If you s**t in the carb then its definitely wont start:loco:
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    Have you checked the basics under the bonnet
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    Pure quality work

    the painting isn't straight :frenetico:
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    Pure quality work

    what about photos of your work
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    Found this over the weekend

    yip he's on the level