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    Fixing Expanded Metal Lath; Also sealing a wall with PVA prior to Plastering

    Just leave it to the plasterer mate. How much are you hoping to save? Haha Fixing metal lath round a door and pva'ing the walls won't save you any money on the plasterers price. If anything could end up costing you more if you dont do it properly and has to be done again
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    Site to domestic

    Giving the mixer random air spins every now and then is a good one. Make it sound like your doing something
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    Make good multi skim any one managed to get any sort of consistent finish

    I thought they listened to feedback and changed the formula? The guy on the phone didn't say the formula has been messed up he said don't follow the video he doesn't use it like that. There's no wonder it's being slated. I've been following them from the start and it took about a month after...
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    Make good multi skim any one managed to get any sort of consistent finish

    Didn't get on with the old formula but I followed the how to video which apparently was the wrong thing to do (confusing). Don't want them to fail and willing to give it another go. So with the new formula are we supposed to follow the how to video? There's no real explanation on the method to...
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    Polished/varnished woodwork

    f**k me, how dirty can a dado rail get? Just run a trowel a long it at the end give it a wipe any other bits will get picked up when the decorator rubs down to paint it surly. I sometimes tape them up but to use a while tub of big wipes and still not clean. what did you do skim over it? Lol
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    Look at this smug

    It's exactly the same, it's profiteering in a pandemic. You've clearly been selling multi at a mark up haha. How you can stick up for these people is beyond me
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    Are we too CHEAP

    People need to stick to their guns and put the prices up for plastering. This is hard graft, I think a lot of it is people in too much competition with how much they can do a day which drives all the prices down. 6 bags a day on your own sounds or any sort of money sounds from and your going to...
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    Plasterer being aggressive to us

    I agree. Probably worked his arse off for 160 a day, bent over backwards for what the customers needs then they moan when you leave a bit early cause there was only one set left on the last day. can't imagine you would just tell someone to f**k off for nothing if he seemed like a nice bloke befoe
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    BNQ Make good Finishing Plaster

    It's strange gear to work with. They say wait till it turns grey to towel it off. Some areas turn grey within about 5 mins other parts, in corners on beads, literally an hour after laying second coat on were still soft. The beading around the door actually didn't set I had to leave it and tell...
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    Keep prices up, loads of work about just need the multi back