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    lottery winner

    If I won the lotto id take a sledge hammer and smash every plastering tool I have.... Then go and buy all brand new ones from my winnings[emoji1]
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    What's it all about

    Looks like a great buy! I wonder do they use the building trowel they have on the cover of the DVD [emoji85]
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    Yea what he really ment was if you do this job for nothing I have loads of work you can do for nothing! Dick!
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    anyone known it to rain so much

    We are using ultra finish on to sand and cement that was put on before Christmas. It is ment to be short set but is just sitting for an age!
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    Today was one of those days[emoji15]
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    YIPPEE,back to work 2016

    Looking forward to getting back into routine! Tho I hate the thought of the alarm in the morn! Come 10am on the job it will be like we were never away from it.
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    Happy New Year

    Happy new year to all. Hope it's a busy one[emoji106]
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    Vitcas heat plaster

    Has anyone ever had skim come off around a stove because of the heat? I know it's always said it will blow the skim but I've personally never heard of it happening or seen it so just curious to hear from others.
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    Tax returns

    That's the problem there isn't enough reward in working hard when you can do well not working. I would hate to see people struggle but the way it is at the minute the working man is not much better of than the man that can play the system. Plus the people that aren't fit to work don't get much...
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    Neck pain

    I'm 32 and had pains from the plastering for the first time this year. A few of the lads I work with that are 40+ are killed with back and shoulder pain. It is a seriously tough job on the body! Then you have some people saying plasterers were charging too much money at one time! I think any...
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    north,south,east,west and in between!

    I think it will be up to £4.50 again. The firm we are with are happy enough to pay £3.50 at the minute so they must be getting better rates than a year ago. It's supply and demand and if the demand keeps going up so will the prices. I don't think you could get paid to much for this game!!
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    north,south,east,west and in between!

    Busy year for us. £3.50 m2 skim only in Belfast. The worst it ever was, was £2.50 so good to see it up. Still a good bit off the £4.50 it was 8 years ago tho!!
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    Shortage of Plasterers.

    Things are getting better here for sure. Work and rates are on the rise. It's well due!
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    Sika waterproof

    This would be my choice also. SBR is a good product but but needs to used correctly at least with the rendaid it is more straight forward.
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    Site Plasterers required for contracts in North West and nationwide

    So if someone was offering skimming at £1 m2 you think no-one should say anything?